Independence March
This year, the children and teachers prepared the best independence march ever! The school band delivered rhythm and atmosphere for the children to present their dances, costumes and banners as they paraded through the whole campus, for all to see.  We are so proud of all the graduating and high honor roll students being there are so many of them this year. 
They are accomplishing something valuable and special that builds on their future and at the same time they are setting an example to follow to their younger fellow students.
Team activities
Words are never enough to express our gratitude with all our teams and visitors that invest their lives in our lives here at Emmanuel. Ten summer teams came to Emmanuel this year and it has been a wonderful mix of educational, creative, practical and health related activities and projects. The children always enjoy the extra attention and we hope and pray that all teams and visitors are equally blessed during their stay here.
Volunteer support
We have experienced a wonderful steady flow of volunteers throughout the whole summer, the youngest being eighteen and oldest sixty-five! They bravely engage in all those necessary daily tasks that can be a challenge for the regular staff to keep up with, or as we say it here: They are the icing on the cake! Currently we have twenty one volunteers assigned to all the children's houses and different work areas. 
Opportunities for our youth
This year we have two groups of youth that partake in a transition program called 'Adult Life' where they are taught adult life skills together with youth from other homes. On campus our youth continue to engage in character building activities such as vocational training on the farm, in the kitchens and bakery and other areas. We feel this helps them to learn responsibility and give them a sense of belonging.
New Boys Dorm opened!

A new dorm was inaugurated for our boys ages 13 to 15 years old. Fifty very excited boys moved into this incredible and beautiful house, made possible through generous private donations. It is truly amazing how our motto: Many hearts, one purpose - constantly comes alive before us. As we see projects take form, buildings standing, youth graduating, volunteers and teams delight in their work here and Gods hand move in every heart and life, young and old, we walk this path of service to Him together! 

For those of you planning to ship something on our Christmas containers, we remind you that shipping deadline for both
the Chattanooga and Auburn containers is October 27. 
On our website and Facebook page you can find the current size chart for the children, shipping addresses and good gift ideas for your sponsored children. 

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