August 2022 | Issue 17
IHS Hospitals Benefit from PATH Tools and Resources
PATH takes great pride in developing tools and resources that IHS hospital partners find useful and are able to apply to forge their quality improvement successes! That's why we are here!

This month we focus on how PATH resources helped IHS hospitals achieve their specific improvement goals.

PATH Emergency Department (ED) Affinity Group | Contact your QIA!
Starting September 21, PATH is hosting an affinity group for IHS ED teams! This affinity group will be a collection of individuals from across organizations to share a vision of improved ED flow and use. This group will explore:
  • Sharing specific practices from a variety of facilities on how to ensure effective and efficient triage
  • Ensuring Emergency Severity Index (ESI) accuracy
  • Promoting optimal ED utilization methods for education
  • Using data to understand vulnerabilities and disparities in ED use
ED affinity group participants will:
  • Participate in collaborative discussions and foster an environment of trust and mentorship
  • Join six learning sessions and six check-ins over a six-month period (Learning sessions are 45 minutes and informal. Check-ins are 30 minutes and are for discussion and Q&A. Attendance at each session is encouraged, as meetings will not be recorded.)

If you are facility ED personnel, quality staff or another stakeholder in Tribal health ED utilization quality improvement, let your PATH quality improvement advisor (QIA) know if you are interested in joining the PATH ED affinity group!
This material was prepared by Comagine Health for the American Indian Alaska Native Healthcare Quality Initiative under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of CMS or HHS, and any reference to a specific product or entity herein does not constitute endorsement of that product or entity by CMS or HHS. NQIIC-AIHQI-251-08/11/2022