• Recorded version of our webinar on statewide rent control
  • Oakland blazes a trail by banning criminal background checks
  • Despite anti-discrimination laws, rental ads remain in flagrant violation
  • The new agenda of tenants' advocates in the wake of AB-1482
There's never a dull moment for the rental housing industry, but we always try to unzip the developments that matter.
A heartfelt thanks to our clients and new followers for attending the recent webinar on statewide rent control, but if you were unable to join us, you can replay the recorded version here .

We have always said that there is no substitute for old-fashioned personal sleuthing when it comes to tenant screening because the law, technology, and a culture of amnesty can blind owners and property managers to checkered pasts.

Oakland's pioneering ban on using criminal background checks serves as an exclamation point, since public policy now favors an ex-offender's reintegration over the landlord's complete assessment of rental risks.

We discuss the City's "fair chance housing" ordinance in our recent article and put it into a larger context, in terms of the ease in cloaking any blemishes tenants want to conceal. It is also illustrative of the ever-expanding pool of protected classes that landlords cannot shoo away.

Federal housing voucher recipients are another shielded group, but after California has enacted a law prohibiting discrimination against Section 8 tenants, many landlords did not received the memo, as exclusionary rental advertisements continue to litter the Internet. We revisit fair housing laws here .

While AB-1482 - The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 - has instituted protections statewide, rest assured that tenants' advocates are not complacent and this emboldened cause is marching forward with a more radical agenda. We take a look at what they are cooking up here .

While there has been a deluge of information about rental housing as of late, you can rely on Bornstein Law to cut through the fat and make sense of it all in our continuing mission to help you make the most informed decisions in a complicated regulatory regime.
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