Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association
Thank you Neighbors for coming out on Neighborhood Appreciation Day!
March 13, 2021
We had a great neighborhood Appreciation Day on Saturday. Many neighbors met each other, learned about the work of the Association, and became members. We had 38 new members join so far!

A big thank you to those distributing flyers to introduce our Association to the neighborhood and invite membership.
Grove Litter Clean-up Crew!
Thanks to our CGPHOA Team for gathering litter from our streets!
Dominic Guillant, Isa Byron, Max Jennemyr, Sebastian Guillant
Henry Wernick and Ana Bryon
Street Closures!
A big thank you to Jennifer White, Steven Tonkinson, Aidan Thompson, Jack Schunk, and Hal and Julian Ryan for cleaning up several of our street closures. GREAT JOB!

Many thanks to the City of Miami Beautification Department for loaning us picks, gloves, and trash bags!

CGPHOA is currently seeking bids from landscapers to service the closures once a quarter, cleaning up the landscape and replacing plants as needed. If you can recommend a landscaper, please email: Marlene Erven
The new coconut-lined path created by Aidan & Steven!
Great use of natural resources!
City 0f Miami
Residential Services & Guidelines

As a responsible neighbor, please learn about City requirements.
Avoid needless citations and fines regarding:
Garbage & Recycling Services
Bulky Trash Collection & Illegal Dumping
Scoop the Poop
A Simple Solution
to a Neighborhood Dilemma 
Show Where You Stand on
Poo in Your Can

Jaïm Steele has raised more than $1500 for local charities with this
community service project!
The Coconut Grove Park Homeowners Association,
founded more than 30 years ago, is dedicated to:
Preserving a safe, clean, friendly, social neighborhood,
Maintaining our property values and the
historic character and landscape of the residential properties
located within our boundaries.

To learn more and to join, please visit our website and "Register"