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Whether you love running, nature, history, biking or other forms of fitness - please join us as members and supporters in building out the Towpath Trail. Let's maximize this local treasure along the Cuyahoga River.

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The Towpath Marathon is October 12th

The big one is on the way, the conclusion of the 2014 Towpath Trilogy- The Towpath Marathon. 

There are three race lengths Marathon, Half-Marathon and a 10K. 

It all goes down October 12th in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to benefit the creation of the Towpath Trail.

The Towpath Marathon is a Boston Qualifier


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Cycle Canalway 
As all outdoor enthusiasts know, sometimes you get a little wet.. it's part of the fun! We had a great time at Cycle Canalway this past Saturday and, bonus , we raised money for the Towpath. 
Thanks to Cargill and all of our sponsors for a fun and memorable day on the trail. 
Cleveland GiveCamp  
Clockwise left to right, David Dressler, James Gifford, Heidi Rakow, Matt Jones, Me, Paninya Masrangsan
This weekend, I spent some late nights on the LeanDog boat with a team of tech wizards who volunteered their time at Cleveland GiveCamp. We created a brand new web experience for Canalway Partners, and 225 Cleveland GiveCamp volunteers created web pages for 21 local nonprofits!
GiveCamp photos by Al Bell
30 Years of National Heritage Areasnha
 Did you know the Ohio & Erie Canalway was the fifth National Heritage Area to be designated? There are now 49 across the nation.
National Heritage Areas celebrate and preserve the nationally important stories of this country - our industrial, military and cultural history and other defining stories that make us unique. 
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the first National Heritage Area, the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor,
 we'll be sharing facts and stories about the NHA program. 
How Can I Help? Help
 The most efficient way to help Canalway Partners develop the Towpath Trail is to become a member
The Towpath Trilogy



The Towpath Trilogy race series highlights different sections of the Towpath Trail at different times of the year. The Trilogy begins with the Towpath Half Marathon in the spring, followed by the Towpath Ten-Ten in June and the Towpath Marathon, which consists of half, 10K and full marathon lengths, in October.  


All proceeds from the event benefit Canalway Partners, a nonprofit organization that actively develops a variety of events and projects to preserve, promote and educate the public about the area surrounding one of Northeast Ohio's most valuable resources - our park system along the Ohio Canal.   




Stark Parks Canalway Classic 5K



The Canalway Classic 5k will be taking place August 9th at 9am. 


Learn more about the Canalway Classic here

See you on the trail,

Ken Schneider

Canalway Partners