Join Tim on the RAGNAR Relay!


Tim is looking for a few more Sr/Lead Pastors to join him in running the Ragnar Road Relay on April 12-13. This is a 200-mile race starting in San Diego and finishing in Huntington Beach (don't worry, you don't have to run the whole thing!).

Contact Tim by email or call/text him at 623-262-5268.

KINETIC: The Power of the Gospel

EFCA West District Conference

April 25-26, 2024

We are working out the details for our next EFCA West District Conference. We expect to have great speakers, great workshops, and great people (you!). We look forward to seeing our EFCA West church pastors and leaders. Mark your calendars. We will meet at North Coast Church in Vista CA. More information coming soon.


What Characterizes a Healthy Church?

In this month's article EFCA's director of church health, Bob Osborne, compares several methods of measuring church health and muses about what church health means and how church leaders can determine the health of their church.

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History, Theology and Polity Course - EFCA Events

This course is for anyone interested in credentialing or who would like to learn more about the history of the EFCA, our polity and the Statement of Faith.

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North Coast Leadership Training 2023

October 17-18

Join the EFCA West team at the North Coast Leadership Training. A conference for pastors and church leaders with keynotes and breakout sessions. Bring your entire team to North Coast Church, for foundational leadership content and essential team building opportunities. EFCA churches receive a 20% registration discount! Discount Code: EFCA

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Worship Leader Network Gathering

October 23-25

The EFCA Worship Leader Gathering is designed to edify, equip and exalt. This free event is open to full-time, part-time and volunteer worship pastors, directors and leaders in EFCA churches. Creative, programming and production team members are also welcome to attend.

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Prepared is a gospel-centered, affordable, accessible and systematic two-year equipping program for women in ministry leadership or preparing to serve in ministry leadership, locally or globally.

Applications for the January 2024 cohort are now open. Applications will be due no later than November 28, 2023.

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Are you a pastor or know a pastor in need of proven biblical leadership training? This boot camp is designed with pastors in mind. Please consider joining us at our boot camp. Training includes 4 hours each Monday from September 16 to October 23. Birkman assessment is included in the price of registration. We have three $100 off coupons available for the first three EFCA West pastors who register. 

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EFCA West Church Planting Assessment Center

August 2023


On August 15th and 16th, EFCA West conducted a Church Planting Assessment Center Retreat for three church planting couple candidates in Torrance, CA.


The complete Assessment process consists of:

  • Self-Surveys (biographical, ministry experience/preparation, and theology)
  • Multiple Inventories (spiritual, personal, and marriage)
  • The two-day Assessment Center Retreat
  • A final written report and debrief


We are grateful for the experienced Assessment Team that observed, interviewed, and connected with the couple candidates during the Assessment Center Retreat.


At the conclusion of the assessment process, couple candidates are given recommendations for next steps in their church planting journey.


For more information on EFCA West’s church planting assessment process please contact Dean Mayeda, Director of Church Multiplication.


EFCA West Hispanic Women's Retreat

September 22-23

We have 155 registrations to our first EFCA West Hispanic women's retreat at Southwest Church in Indian Wells CA! If you have Spanish speaking ladies at your church, there's still time to register. We don't want them to miss out.

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Children's and Family Ministry Leader Network Gathering - EFCA Events

The annual EFCA Children’s and Family Ministry Leader Gathering is a time for attendees to ask questions and learn from the experience of other children’s and family ministry leaders who have navigated those same issues.

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Missionaries in Need of Housing

Sam & Jill Tabiendo are RG/EFCA missionaries from our EFCA West District. They will be in So. Cal for a couple of months in October, November and December. If someone in your congregation needs house sitting or have an apartment they are willing to rent short term at a decreased cost to missionaries, will you please let us know? The are flexible and can move around.

Here's a little bit more about them:

They have been with ReachGlobal since 1992. In 1995, they arrived in Zaragosa, Spain (with Mike and Janet Davis) and in Madrid, Spain. They are currently in their 6-10 month Home Assignment, currently in Ohio, catching up with friends, family, and supporters. They plan on leaving mid-September and drive from Ohio to California via Texas, NM, AZ and then CA. Sam & Jill have been involved in church planting, both focused and more broadly. 

Email EFCA West

Regional Gatherings are a great way to get connected! As you start this fall season of ministry, why not start attending one of our regional gatherings with other leaders who get your world? Get ideas, resources or just come to connect with others facing the same challenges. Find the regional gathering in your area this fall and bring your staff team with you! All Regional Gatherings are open to senior pastors, associate staff, lay leaders and elders.

Arizona (Central & Northern)

Next Meeting: Sept 14 at 11:00AM

RSVP to Bob Fox

Arizona (Southern)

Next Meeting: Sept 12

RSVP to Dave Collins

Central Coast

Next Meeting:

RSVP to Robert Campbell

Central Coast español

Next Meeting:

RSVP to Alex Rivero

Central Valley

Next Meeting:

RSVP to Tim Johnson

East Bay (Western District)

Next Meeting: October 4 at 11AM

RSVP to Matt Moore

Inland Empire

Next Meeting: September 27 at 10AM

RSVP to Willie Behrends

Los Angeles

Next Meeting: September 27 at 10AM

RSVP to Jackie Austel

New Mexico (Albuquerque)

Next Meeting:

RSVP to Tim Jacobs

Orange County

Next Meeting: Sept 12 at 11:30AM

RSVP to Mike McKay

Riverside/San Bernardino español

Next Meeting:

RSVP to Joel Orozco

Santa Clarita

Next Meeting: Sept 13 at 10:00AM

RSVP to Steve Jackson


Next Meeting:

RSVP to Bob Osborne


Next Meeting:

RSVP to Bob Osborne


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CIF - Financial Services for EFCA Churches

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EFCA Jobs - Find your next role within the EFCA.


New EFCA West Pastors

Steve Sammons - Hill Country Community Church in Lakeside, CA

Pablo Cachon - Clovis EV Free in Clovis, CA

John Harris - Shoreline Community Church in Santa Barbara, CA

Kris Ullman - Church of the Canyons, Canyon Country, CA

EFCA Credentials Issued

EFCA Ministry License Expedited:

Mike Szoradi, Family Life Pastor at Compass Church, Goodyear AZ

Matt Murray, Associate Pastor at Woodlands Church, Crestline CA

Mike Smith, Associate Lead Pastor at CenterPoint Church, Orem UT

Scott Williams, Community Life Pastor at Compass Church, Goodyear AZ


Thank you for giving to EFCA West


To give online: Visit our website at EFCA West.

To give by check please make the check payable to:

EFCA West Partnership Fund , 901 E. 78th St. Minneapolis, MN 55420

*All donations from EFCA West churches will be deposited to the EFCA West Partnership Fund where 1/3 will be allocated to the EFCA National office and 2/3 EFCA West District Ministries.

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