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The Importance of Agronomy - Series 3 of 3
I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s article, “What’s Next,” co-authored by Mark Woodward and Shawn Emerson. These two gentlemen are among the best in the field of agronomy and are available to assist in your overall grounds and greens programs.

This week’s informative article, “There Just Might Be a Better Way (To get Things Done),” which is available for reading below, is co-authored by Mark and Shawn. Last week we shared a little about Mark; now please see a short background on Shawn.

Shawn Emerson has been in the golf business for over 40 years, managing golf courses in Arizona, Texas, and California. He excels at creating a team, hiring, and placing people in positions in which they can succeed but continue to grow and develop professionally. He has placed over 50 golf course superintendents and 75 assistant superintendents who have moved on to other opportunities in the golf course industry.

As a second-generation golf course superintendent, Shawn has many business contacts that span several generations and is well regarded within the industry. He is renowned not only for his expertise but also for his management skills, his ability to look outside the box, and his down-to-earth personality.

We hope that the three blog posts on agronomy were helpful to you. They can be found, along with other educational posts, on GSI’ website.
Thanks for being there for us.
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Latest Blog Post
There Just Might Be a Better Way (To Get Things Done) 
There’s an old saying you might hear lingering around your club now or then. “We’ve always done it this way” is a common phrase employees might use when they’re resistant to change, or afraid to take a risk. The job of a successful General Manager is to encourage their staff to get out of this mindset and look for ways to accomplish tasks in a more effective and efficient manner, even if means a new, creative approach. Holding onto a negative mindset can halt improvements, cost the club money, and ultimately keep the club from adapting to an ever-changing world.
Here are some ways to help encourage your employees:

  1. Make a Connection. Relating with your employees of all levels on a more personal scale makes them more willing to work harder for you. When they feel as though the reward is helping a friend, this could lead to more effective work.
  2. Create an Open Dialogue. Allow employees to feel comfortable coming to you with suggestions and encourage feedback without a negative reaction.
  3. Recognize a Job Well Done. When an employee goes above and beyond, or even does well on a day-to-day task, remember to recognize their good work. Employees that feel appreciated will be more willing to continue working hard.
  4. Provide Resources. Change can start with what you provide your employees to get the job done. Providing resources to make sure your employees CAN do the job to the best of their ability is critical.
  5. Lead by Example. Are you looking at improvements in innovative ways yourself? Lead by example by bringing new ideas to the table instead of only relying on managers or staff to be creative. If they see that you care as much as you would like them to, they will follow.
Mark J. Woodward CGCS, MBA
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Shawn Emerson
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July 28, 2022
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General Manager/COO
Westwood Country Club
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General Manager
Tucson Estates Property Owners Association
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Orienta Beach Club
Mamaroneck, NY

Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club
Naples, FL

General Manager/COO
Two Rivers Country Club
Williamsburg, VA
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Old Baldy Club
Saratoga, WY

Kuiko Golf and Beach Club
Kailua-Kona, HI

Minnehaha Country Club
Sioux Falls, SD

Aurora Anguilla - D Richards Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies

Aurora Anguilla - D Richard's Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies

General Manager/COO
Boulder Junction, WI
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Vaquero Club
Westlake, TX

Island Country Club
Marco Island, FL

Sous Chef
Aurora Anguilla - D Richards Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies
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Assistant Controller
The Grove
Nashville, TN
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The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch
Boerne, TX

Westlake Village, CA

Echo Lake Country Club
Westfield, NJ

Silo Ridge Field Club
Amenia, NY

St. Anthony Hall at the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

The Nassau Club of Princeton
Princeton, NJ

The Club at Olde Stone
Bowling Green, KY

Milwaukee Yacht Club
Milwaukee, WI

Corpus Christi Country Club
Corpus Christi, TX

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Seattle Yacht Club
Seattle, WA
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