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Retention Of Employees  
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The short blog below is a synopsis of a presentation given to the CMAA Golden State Chapter a couple of weeks ago by my associates Bob Jones and Terry Anglin. It is also a follow-up to my message in Current Searches last week on employee retention. Leadership should be vigilant when it comes retaining employees.

Next week we will continue with our videos on Current Searches.

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Retention of Employees – A Key to a Successful Business

Today’s work environment, especially in the private club industry, is experiencing challenges when it comes to onboarding new, quality employees. And after they have been hired, the second challenge becomes keeping them around. Once you have a top-of-the-line employee in your club, it’s important to keep them engaged, happy, and appreciated.

  • Communication is key. Don’t expect any of your employees, new or experienced, to fend for themselves. Keep the direction, communication, and performance expectation at the forefront. Each supervisor should hold weekly meetings to discuss work-related activities (completed and ongoing), hold monthly meetings to review short-term goals, and hold quarterly meetings to evaluate ongoing performance and long-term goals. The employee should never feel isolated from happenings within the organization. They need to feel a part of the team at all times.

  • Provide the resources to succeed. Make sure your employees are trained (and trained again). Reinforced training keeps minds fresh and ensures accuracy and success. Employees should also be given the tools to do their jobs to the best of their ability and the understanding of how to use those tools.

  • Understand your employees. Understand their personal goals and develop a path for their growth. The key is to move your employees up in the organization for a sense of personal ownership.

  • Offer appreciation. Reward your employees for their performance, not their longevity. Establish personal performance goals in each quarterly meeting and set up a plan to help the employee meet and exceed those goals. When they do, don’t forget to recognize their achievement.

  • Review more often. Reviews should not be a once-a-year process. Performance reviews, like rewards, should be an ongoing process and discussion, and must occur frequently. Don’t surprise your employees with where they stand in the organization or on the team; provide them with ample opportunities to review their work and adjust as necessary.

Remember, bringing on new talent doesn’t stop with the onboarding process. Employee retention is an ongoing program that should be addressed daily. Keep your employees by providing them with an environment in which they can thrive! Foster a sense of ownership for your team and empower them to provide exemplary service.
Robert Jones
Terry Anglin CCM, CCE, ECM
Comprehensive Current Searches
August 16, 2022
At GSI Executive Search, we’re always adding new searches to our ever-expanding roster of private club clients. Please see below for the complete list of current searches. Click on candidate searches for further profile information and to apply.
St. Petersburg Yacht Club
St. Petersburg, FL

Tucson Estates Property Owners Association
Tucson, AZ

Westwood Country Club
St. Louis, MO

Stock Farm Club
Hamilton, MT

Two Rivers Country Club
Williamsburg, VA

The Metropolitan Club
San Francisco, CA

Confidential Club
Southwest, U.S.

The Oaks
Osprey, FL

Boulder Junction, WI

Orienta Beach Club
Mamaroneck, NY

Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club
Naples, FL

Old Baldy Club
Saratoga, WY

Kuiko Golf and Beach Club
Kailua-Kona, HI

Minnehaha Country Club
Sioux Falls, SD

Aurora Anguilla - D Richards Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies
Aurora Anguilla - D Richard's Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies

Vaquero Club
Westlake, TX

Island Country Club
Marco Island, FL

Sous Chef
Aurora Anguilla - D Richards Restaurant
Anguilla, British West Indies
More info to come

Assistant Controller
The Grove
Nashville, TN
More Info to come

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch
Boerne, TX

Silo Ridge Field Club
Amenia, NY

St. Anthony Hall at the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

The Nassau Club of Princeton
Princeton, NJ

The Club at Olde Stone
Bowling Green, KY

Milwaukee Yacht Club
Milwaukee, WI

Fairlawn Country Club
Akron, OH

San Joaquin Country Club
Fresno, CA
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