ONEHOPE Wine has teamed up with HOPE Animal Shelter for the first part of February. In celebration of Valentines Day, we are partnering with a wine company, with every purchase, 10% will be given to HOPE. ONEHOPE makes an impact with every bottle of wine that they sell. The company has proudly donated over 6 million dollars. That's a win-win with wine! Join us in making an impact through wine and giving back to HOPE. Be sure to check them out and make your purchases by February 21st
Sanctuary Spotlight
We have many animals at HOPE that will live their lives out at HOPE. For example, Joey has been with HOPE for many years. Joey came to HOPE in 2016 when he was found by a staff member. He was a happy and playful guy even jumping in the executive director's lap. When he went for his neutering and wellness check, the vet stated he was aggressive. He began to bite when afraid. The staff knew it wasn't safe to adopt him to the public.
Joey, even though he bites out of fear, he is a sweet dog and because he was found, we aren't sure of his history or what he endured on the streets. We know he loves to play with his friends at HOPE, we know he loves treats, we know he loves naps, he STILL loves the executive director, Susan and we know that HOPE will take care of him for his entire life.

Your CBD STORE DISCOUNT (and help our HOPE animals, too!)
According to many dog owners, CBD has helped their dogs mobility, anxiety, and pain
Your CBD Store located at 3820 w River Road (on the corner of River and Thornydale) is offering special discounts to the friends and supporters of HOPE. When you visit their store, the knowledgeable and friendly staff will recommend the perfect products for your pet, and maybe the pet parent too. Visit Your CBD Store today and mention HOPE and receive 20% off! PLUS every time you purchase products at Your CBD Store, the owners have graciously donated products for our senior dogs and our animals with anxiety!

We want to thank everyone who gave so generously to HOPE throughout 2020 and now into 2021, your donations keep HOPE able to rescue the most vulnerable cats and dogs in Southern Arizona

Also, we want to thank the DECA program from Mt. View High School for their project on HOPE. These amazing young people donated their time, products, pet food, and money after a project they executed together. Way to go, Mt View Deca students!

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