Mokoro Newsletter
Issue 83, September 2019

We are pleased to share with you the latest news and publications from Mokoro, which includes a video recording from our latest seminar so that those of you who were unable to be with us on the day can catch up.
Education in Emergencies seminar
Mokoro's global evaluation of UNICEF's contribution to education in humanitarian settings has been a large project throughout this year, and we therefore felt this was an opportune time to convene a seminar exploring this nascent and important branch of humanitarian action. We were extremely excited to welcome several practitioners working at the forefront of Education in Emergencies (EiE) to speak at Wolfson College, Oxford. Our panel consisted of Hiba Salem (University of Cambridge), Allison Anderson (Brookings Institution), and Marie Tamagnan (Save the Children), all of whom brought a unique perspective on EiE gained through research and implementation across diverse contexts. For anyone unable to attend, or for attendees seeking a recap, we are happy to announce that the seminar video is now available to view online. Read more.
Working to protect and defend community land rights in Africa
On 1st May 2019, Mokoro welcomed Rachael Knight to Oxford to share some of her experiences and insights gained from 15 years working at the forefront of community land rights. Rachael, an attorney with expertise in land tenure security, access to justice, and legal empowerment of the poor, helped to found Namati, a global legal empowerment organisation helping the disadvantaged to understand, use, and shape the law. Rachael is admired by many at Mokoro for her work defining and defending community land rights across Africa. A full write-up of the event, as well as a short piece by Robin Palmer on his delight at bringing Rachael to speak in Oxford, is available on our website. Read more.
New WOLTS blogs published
A series of blogs have been published by WOLTS team members in recent months. Most recently, Jim Grabham has published a photo essay about one of our pilot research communities, Mundarara in Tanzania. The piece by Jim Grabham, titled "Are rubies undermining Maasai culture", shares insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with two participants in a one-year training programme on gender, land and mining that has been developed and carried out in Tanzania.

B. Munkhtuvshin, a key member of our WOLTS Mongolia team, has published a blog titled "Mongolian herder families are being split between countryside and town" looking at how changes in government policies around education impact negatively in unintended ways on the family life and livelihoods of Mongolian pastoral communities.

Narangerel Yansanjav, another key member of the WOLTS team, has published "Left behind - the Mongolian herders living at home with Mum". In her blog, Nara describes the plight of men in their mid-to-late 30s who lost out on their education due to past policy changes. Many who are still single provide welcome support for their mothers, enabling widows to keep herding, but those who are married often miss out on life with their young families due to a much more recent policy change. 
Climate change and land grabbing
Robin Palmer has been collating a library of resources on land rights in Africa for almost 20 years. Every week he receives an email from the pressure group GRAIN offering updates on the global land grab and the varied responses to it. This week, when he read through the stories, they revealed a bleak picture of inequality, injustice, brutality and corruption, as well as the relationship with climate change. In Robin's latest article, he reflects on these 'grim times' as the protests of young people across the world remind him of the necessity of continued engagement at all levels, and at all ages. Read more.
Recently complete assignments
Implementation Completion Report for the Promoting Basic Services Phase III Project in Ethiopia (Ministry of Finance, Government of Ethiopia). Team members: Stephen Lister and Doe-e Berhanu.

Impact Evaluation of the Rwanda Land Tenure Regularisation Programme (DFID). Team members: Stephen Turner, Christopher Tanner, Jim Grabham

Ethiopia key issues paper focusing on the nutrition, agriculture, food security, environment and climate change sectors (Global Affairs Canada). Team members: Stephen Lister, Zoe Driscoll, Lilli Loveday.

Review of findings from Nigeria evaluations (Global Affairs Canada). Team members: Adam Leach, Jim Grabham.
Other news
From 17-19 September Christine Fenning attended this year's UKFIET conference about Inclusive Education Systems: futures, fallacies and finance. Read more.

We are happy to share that Mokoro has partnered with ClimateCare to offset flight emissions, and as such our flights for business can now be deemed "climate neutral".  Read more.

Mokoro were pleased to be at the World Bank's 20th Annual Conference on Land and Poverty. Elizabeth Daley attended with Yansanjav Narangerel, from our WOLTS partner organisation, People Centered Conservation (PCC). A paper by Elizabeth, Narangerel and Zoe Driscoll, sharing findings from the WOLTS project's latest research on gender, land, mining and pastoralism in Mongolia, was presented at the Conference. Jim Grabham also presented results from an impact evaluation of the Land Tenure Regularisation Programme in Rwanda. Read more.

Mokoro have welcomed two new members to our Oxford team this summer. Céline Cornereau joined as Programme Coordinator (maternity cover) and Elisabetta Lichy as Programme Manager. Shortly after we sent out last newsletter, Clare Tunbridge was appointed as Mokoro's new Chief Executive, taking over from Susie Prince, who moved on after seven years at Mokoro. Read more.
Land rights in Africa: Latest resources
Mokoro have hosted the Land Rights in Africa website since 2012.The intention is to publicise the work on land rights in Africa. The site is managed by Robin Palmer, who feels strongly that there is a need to advocate for the dissemination of arguments in favour of pro-poor land reform. The website has grown considerably over the years and is updated frequently. Below are a sample of articles added in the last quarter.

South Africa's land report: Zimbabwe lessons? Source: Zimbabweland (Ian Scoones)

A stronger voice for women in local land governance: effective approaches in Tanzania, Ghana and Senegal Source : IIED (Philippine Sutz, Amaelle Seigneret, Mary Richard, Patricia Blankson Akapko, Fati Alhassan, Mamadou Fall)

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