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April Issue
SAVE is the recipient of two exciting new grants from the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES).
The first one, Increased Access to Services, will allow us to improve and enhance our services with the intent of making them more accessible to survivors with disabilities. Our new Disability Services Coordinator will work closely with survivors with disabilities to ensure that their access to services is equitable. The coordinator will also network with outside agencies to build referral systems and relationships which will ensure that we are all working collaboratively toward better outcomes for our clients.

The second grant we received, Transitional Housing for Victims of Crime, will allow us to enhance our existing Domestic Violence Housing First program. This grant enables SAVE to house an additional 10-15 survivors (and their families) for a year or more. This gives survivors more time to complete employment training programs, establish a stable income, and move toward the goal of maintaining their own housing permanently.

Safer Sexting at the CPEDV Conference
Sarah Hyde, SAVE's Youth Services Program Coordinator, had the amazing opportunity to present her work on Safer Sexting at the CPEDV ( California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) conference. This topic was so popular that people were sitting on the floor at one point because all the seats were taken! It is so unique to be able to bring this topic into the DV prevention conversation. A few folks stayed after to chat with Sarah and follow up on conversations that came up during the workshop. SAVE is hopeful that the adults in our field can become better allies and advocates for youth through conversations like these. 
March Events
International Women's Day

SAVE’s International Women’s Day Celebration was a fun yet sentimental event. We enjoyed performances from Chinese opera, Indian dance, Spanish song, live music and drums. Our LIGHT advocates performed spoken words and shared their intimate journey as domestic violence survivors.

One of our favorite volunteers, Muzna, owner of Chandni restaurant, donated the use of the ballroom and lots of great food.

Huge thank you to every supporter and volunteer who worked so hard to make this event fabulous. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Here's what you've missed from the event. Photos
My Name Is...
On March 7, while the International Women’s Day festivities were taking place, another event benefiting SAVE was being held in Monterey. A play called My Name the Pink Flamingo Theater.

As playwright David Norum states, this play is “a story of a woman’s courage, perseverance and the indomitable human spirit in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, as told by 16 women involved in the lives of the family, the violence and trial." David was the detective and the courageous woman whose story was being told is SAVE's Housing First Coordinator, Annie Olea.

The dress rehearsal of the play was a fundraiser for SAVE, raising $600! We are grateful to Pink Flamingo Theater owner Chris Caffrey and to David for putting the event together. And thanks to Annie for sharing her story. 
Farewell to Paula!
After 15 months on the job, I am leaving my role as Director of Development. I am proud to have been a part of such an amazing organization and see the incredible work this small but mighty team does. You may see me around, as I am moving on to the City of Fremont. Happy trails until we meet again.

Best wishes for all, Paula
Stay connect!
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and there’s a role for everyone in the community.
If you want to be involved in raising awareness or learn about the direct relations between child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence, stay tuned!