February 22, 2022
Study finds women have
twice the side effects from
Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine
The study, led by Dr. Manfred Green, Director of University of Haifa's International MA Program in Public Health, examined reports to the Health Ministry by individuals who experienced side effects after getting a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine between December 2019 and June 2021. It also included three additional surveys from June and September of last year. The study showed that the immune system in women responds more strongly than in men to foreign antigens. The results of the study, published in the journal Vaccines, highlight the need for gender-specific reporting of side effects.
COVID-19 Briefing with
Dr. Manfred Green
Monday, February 28, 2022
9:00 am EST
Academic Agreement with
Kingdom of Bahrain
The University of Haifa is leveraging the friendly diplomatic relations between Israel and Gulf States to cultivate academic ties with countries in the region. On the first academic visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Uriel Simonsohn (Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies) met with senior members of the administration at the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence, to pave the way for the signing of an MOU between the two institutes.

Dr. Simonsohn heads the newly launched Haifa Laboratory for Religious Studies (HLRS), an academic initiative designed to foster dialogue between religious leaders and scholars in Israel and around the globe. The US Wayfarer Foundation is providing partial funding for HLRS's activities.
The Israeli Navy’s new capabilities
The recent announcement by Israel's Ministry of Defense and Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems of the procurement of three new advanced submarines for the Israeli Navy marks a key milestone in the evolution of Israel’s fleet, which will consist of six submarines.

Prof. Rear Admiral (ret.) Shaul Chorev, Head of University of Haifa's Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center, discusses the Israeli Navy’s new capabilities and regional superiority including specifics of the new submarines and their importance to Israel’s strategy in the sea.
One of the newest submarines is expected to be based at the Haifa Port’s submarine terminal next year.
University of Haifa and Technion
establish joint research foundation
for archaeology research
The University of Haifa and the Technion are launching a joint archaeology research fund that will encourage scientific collaborations between faculty members, and offer scholarships for doctoral and postdoctoral students at both institutes. 

The signing comes on the heels of the University of Haifa establishing the School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures (SAMC), which will revolutionize archaeological research in Israel through a vigorous commitment to interdisciplinary research and emerging technologies.

University of Haifa's Rector Gur Alroey, Prof. Israel Finkelstein (Head, SAMC) and the School's department heads were joined by Prof. Oded Rabinovitch (Senior Executive Vice President, Technion) and additional academic leaders from the Technion at the signing ceremony.
University of Haifa
International School’s
Virtual Open House
March 1 and 2, 2022
During this two-day open house, students will have the opportunity to learn more about University of Haifa’s diverse programs, hear from current international students and alumni, meet program advisors, and receive assistance with the admissions process.
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