See Barron Falls like never before from The Edge Lookout!
We are excited to announce a significant new enhancement that provides you with the opportunity to experience the beautiful Barron Falls and Gorge like never before!

The Edge Lookout at Barron Falls provides unimpeded panoramic views from the waterfall, down along the gorge. It incorporates a transparent 'nerve testing' glass section of boardwalk where guests can stand and look down to the Gorge below. Discover The Edge Lookout on your next Skyrail visit.
New Rainforest Discovery Zone
at Red Peak
Unlock the secrets of the ancient rainforest at the new Rainforest Discovery Zone  at Red Peak.

This new attraction features floor-to-ceiling interpretive wall panels, an illuminated, ceiling-mounted timeline of the Earth's evolution and one of the most realistic recreations of the cassowary in its jungle habitat. Take the time to explore Red Peak on your next visit to the ancient rainforest.
Skyrail Interpretive App
and Audio Guide
The recently launched Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide provides you with the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Story of the Ancient Tropical Rainforest.

Utilising cutting edge technology, features include; GPS pinpointed commentary and Augmented Reality, which bring to life butterflies, snakes and cassowaries on your screen! Meet the Skyrail Rangers and lots more, download the Skyrail app today.
Famous Faces at Skyrail
Bec Hewitt
The team at Skyrail were excited to welcome TV celebrity Bec Hewitt, HelloWorld and the Channel 9 crew to the ancient rainforest.

Bec is best known for her long-term role in Australian television soap opera Home and Away. Watch Bec explore the ancient rainforest with us below!
Join Kuranda's Easter Celebrations
The Easter Bunny will arrive and THOUSANDS of eggs will be waiting! Bring the kids on Saturday the 20th of April at Centenary Park for a great family day out in Kuranda!
Enjoy free activities including face painting, 3 jumping castles, horse and carriage rides, street performers, kids games, arts and crafts and more!

Kuranda is open all Easter weekend including Good Friday. 
Ranger Tim Featured on Australian Geographic Magazine Cover!
Skyrail's Ranger Tim Hackwood has a passion for photographing amphibians and he loves going hiking to discover rare species in their natural habitat. He was delighted to have this White-lipped tree frog (Litoria infrafrenata) feature on the cover of the Australian Geographic recently.

If you are interested in seeing more frogs, snakes, birds and other rainforest animals check out Ranger Tim's Instagram.
Be Part of Something Bigger
Support a worthy cause by contributing to the protection of tropical rainforests through research and education.

The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation is proud to have been engaged in a wide range of projects focussed on the tropical rainforest for over 10 years, supporting many students achieve their academic goals, ultimately expanding the collective knowledge about this intriguing ancient environment.

Join us to become a member today!
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