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Life Science Edition, April 2018


Welcome to the SciTech Life Science Newsletter highlighting the latest technology innovations in Imaging and Advanced Microscopy. In this edition, we feature the Luxendo Inverted Light Sheet microscope and the Rescan Confocal microscope for solutions in Confocal Imaging.
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Scientific and Microscopy Cameras 
- Photometrics IRIS 9 & 15 Large Field of View scientific CMOS Cameras  
Photometrics, a manufacturer of high performance scientific cameras for life science applications introduces the IRIS sCMOS cameras 
  • IRIS 9 - captures ultra-high resolution images by incorporating a 9MP sensor with a 17.8 mm field of view and 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area. It can capture dynamic cellular events at 30 fps full frame and achieves 73% QE to maximize signal detection
  • IRIS 15 - maximizes field for view for live cell applications with a 15MP sensor, 25 mm field of view and 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area. The imaging area is a whopping '50% larger' than current devices. It captures dynamic cellular events at 30 fps full frame and achieves 73% QE

PCO Panda 4.2 scientific CMOS Cameras

PCO.panda 4.2 scientific CMOS cameras incorporate the latest innovations in sCMOS technology to maximise photon detection in low-light imaging  making them the cameras of choice in countless microscopy applications and life science

2 models are available - front illuminated or back illuminated (bi). The bi model has a 16bit 'Back illuminated' sensor and offers up to 95% quantum efficiency 
Key features:
  • Ultra-compact size: 65 x 65 x 65 mm³
  • 2048 x 2048 pixel with 6.5 x 6.5 µm² pixel size
  • Maximum frame rate 40 fps @ full resolution
  • Exposure times between 100µs and 5s
  • USB 3.1 Gen1 interface
Exceptional value at less than $10K for the Front Illuminated model
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Luxendo MuVi-SPIM
- Inverted Light Sheet Microscope

Luxendo's MuVI-SPIM
is the fastest SPIM on the market for analysing dynamic processes, enabling 4 simultaneous views at 65 frames/sec. It incorporates the latest sCMOS camera technology and optimized combinations of objective lenses to obtain the best from your sample. It provides four simultaneous orthogonal views on large living specimens, without the need for sample rotation, in order to dispel shadowing effects and facilitate long-term imaging at ultra-high acquisition speeds.  
  • Developmental biology
  • Embryonic development
  • Marine biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Functional imaging
  • Long time lapse imaging and large specimen

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Re-Scan Confocal Microscope
- Super-resolution and Confocal upgrade for new and existing microscope installations

Re-Scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM) is a new super-resolution technique from based on standard confocal microscopy extended with an optical (re-scanning) unit that projects the image directly onto a CCD camera. This technology is useful for biological applications, where the combination of high-resolution and high-sensitivity is required. 
  • Cheaper alternative to a confocal microscope
  • Allows upgrade of existing microscopes
  • Improved lateral resolution (170nm at 488nm light)
  • Strongly improved sensitivity
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VisiTech Vt-iSIM High Speed & Super Resolution System

The VT-iSIM High Speed Super Resolution Imaging System from VisiTech International, produces super resolution images in real time at up to 1,000 frames per second. The VT-iSIM can image at spatial and temporal resolutions and does not require any specific fluorophores, immersion oils, objective lenses or even microscope frames to work. Enhance spatial and axial resolution on fluorescent samples by up to 2X regular for wide-field microscopy
Key Features:
  • X, Y <125nm
  • Z <350nm
  • Multi Point Scanning Technique
  • Low Photo Bleaching
  • Fast Scanning (>1000fps)
  • Perfect Camera Sync
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Acquifer HIVE 'Big Data' Solution System
- High Performance Solutions for Large Image Data in microscopy facilities 

HIVE is a high speed centralised data repository that removes the need to constantly move or duplicate data sets in processing and analysis workflows. The modular design integrates high speed processing, visualisation, remote access, project management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one unit. It is designed for use in microscopy facilities using light sheet microscopes, laser scanning confocal microscopes, spinning disk microscopes, image analysis workstations as well as screening labs. 
HIVE is a modular system optimised for the three key data handling tasks in imaging and microscopy applications: Computation - Networking - Storage and consists of the following three modules:-
  • HIVE CORE for Data Processing: High-Performance CPU & GPU for best image processing & analysis and includes 10TB Data safe storage with RAID5.
  • HIVE Net for Networking and Security: Integrated Software Defined Network (SDN) router to create a secure HIVE network for hosting the connected devices and including 10Gbit/s 12-Port Network Switch with a 240GB/s backbone to ensure a reliable exchange of large data sets.
  • HIVE Data for Storage: Data Repository: RAID6 secure data storage with fast access to large data. It is resilient, user-friendly and has an open design allowing for easy up-scaling of storage volume
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Acquifer HSC Imaging Machine
- For High Content Screening 

The HSC Imaging Machine is a fully automated microscopy system for small model organisms and cell-based screening applications. It is an easy-to-use system designed to achieve highly stable and fast screening, maximum experiment reproducibility and long-term data transparency. The combination of a static microtiter plate and moving objectives, provides an optimized research platform for samples in agarose, gel and water. It also gives users precise levels of environmental control over variables such as temperature, CO2 and pressure, while enabling linear motor and laser auto-focus.
Key applications:
  • Zebrafish
  • Drosophila
  • Cell Based Time Lapse
  • Yeast
  • Spheroids and Organoids
  • Stem Cells
  • Cell Monolayers
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TissueGnostics TissueFAXS PLUS Upright System
- For FL & BF scanning of slides, smears, tissue micro-arrays 

TissueFAXS PLUS from  TissueGnostics is an ultra versatile, upright fluorescence and brightfield system for the scanning and analysis of slides, cytospins, smears and tissue micro-arrays.

TissueFAXS PLUS is based on a fully motorised and automated upright microscope and equipped with two cameras (for immunofluoresence & immunohistochemistry), a high quality 8 slide stage, controllable in the three axes (an optional robot stack loader can be added) and the TissueGnostics image analysis software package. The system is driven by a top-of-the-line computer workstation with 2 large TFT flatscreens.

It can be upgraded to Spinning Disc Confocality and High Speed Epifluorescence Scanning. 
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Omicron LightHUB+ Plug&Play Laser Light Engines

Omicron have just released an exciting new range of LightHUB+ Plug&Play Laser Light Engines equipped with up to 6 user-upgradable wavelengths in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths range between 375nm and 1550nm and its optical output has the capability to power up to 300 mW per laser line.
Applications Include:
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Test and Measurement
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