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Life Science Edition, May 2019


Welcome to the SciTech EOFY Life Science Newsletter highlighting the latest technology innovations in imaging, advanced microscopy and live cell imaging.
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Iris 9MP mono sCMOS camera, cooled, USB3, PCIe

pco.edge 4.2 HQ-M-USB (ex demo)  
PCO Edge 4MP mono sCMOS camera, air & water cooled, USB3, QE80
Rolera Bolt 1.3MP mono camera, 30fps, 12-bit, USB
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Retiga R6 6.05MP colour CCD camera, 14-bit, cooled, USB3
ProgRes MF USB 
ProgRes MF 1.4MP mono CCD camera, 12- Bit, USB
Slide Scanner

Pannoramic MIDI
(ex demo) 
Automatically digitize up to 12 slides
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Luxendo Invi SPIM lattice PRO
- Advanced Illumination Module (AIM)

The Advanced Illumination Module (AIM) is a modular extension of the InVi SPIM that provides the highest level of flexibility for illuminating your sample with a light-sheet.
AIM offers a variety of illumination patterns: single or multiple varia ble Bessel beams, optical lattices and structured illumination, or static or scanned Gaussian beams.
The optical concept and performance of the InVi SPIM AIM enables:
  • High level of flexibility
  • Minimal phototoxicity
  • Confocal resolution
  • High imaging speed
  • Highest sensitivity and minimal noise
  • Dynamic cellular interactions
  • Cell cycle imaging
  • Membrane dynamics
  • Subcellular structure visualization
  • Tracking protein movements in 3D
  • Long time-lapse imaging

Tomocube, Inc
- Holotomography Microscopes for Long-Term Live Cell Imaging

The Tomocube HT-2 series opens a new era of 3D correlative imaging, and is the world's first microscopy unit to effectively combine holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging. Capable of simultaneously capturing high-resolution 3D optical diffraction tomography and 3D fluorescence images, the microscope enables long-term tracking of specific targets in live cells while minimising stress.
Ground-breaking research was recently undertaken by Tomocube Inc. and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) using the HT-2 microscope to explore the 4D interaction dynamics of T cells and their targets in the Immunological Synapse for the first time.

- The Grundium Ocus - Portable Whole Slide Imaging Microscope

The Grundium Ocus removes the need for physical slide transfers between the clinic and the lab and enables live telepathology consultations between surgeons and pathologists. The Grundium Ocus is a monumental leap in digital pathology. It is a precision tool small and affordable enough to be on every medical professional's desk. It is truly portable and it can be brought anywhere. Wireless connectivity means telepathology is now possible practically anywhere on the planet.
Key Features:
  • 6 MP Image Sensor
  • Portable and Wireless
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • 500 Gb internal hard drive
  • Automated X Y Stage - Full (1" X 3") slide scanning
  • Overview Image - Automated trimming of areas to be scanned, adjustable by the user

Visitron Systems ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF Laser Illumination   
-Affordable Ring-TIRF system for total internal reflection fluorescence

The highly compact unit is based on high speed 2D galvo that drives the Ring-TIRF illumination. It offers a large illuminated field of view to enable applications such as single molecule tracking or STORM based super-resolution microscopy. Full 360 degree rotation by free cirĀ­cular diameter or elliptical trajectory at the back focal plane of the high aperture TIRF objective, offers illumination with minimum interference fringes and shadowing effects.
Key Features:
  • Affordable TIRF and Wide-field illumination
  • Single or multimode fibre coupling
  • 2D galvo controlled movement of illumination spot for optimised point TIRF illumination
  • Oblique illumination
  • Combination with flexible VS Laser-Combiner up to 8 laser lines

BPAE cells -Mitochondria_Actin_DNA stained
Crest Optics X Light V 3 
-next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal head series 

Integrating cutting-edge technology, it has been engineered to meet the high-end specifications of modern fluorescence microscopy applications. It is the first confocal unit to allow for dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25mm on both cameras.   

Key Features:
  • Spectral range (confocal/wide field): 400-750nm
  • The fastest spinning disk in the market: 15.000 rpm rotation speed, up to kHz range
  • Ultra-large field of view imaging: maximum 25 m
  • Lateral resolution (FWHM): ~ 230nm (High NA 1.4) diffraction limited
  • Dual-camera view: simultaneous dual-camera view up to 25 mm each camera
  • Axial resolution (FWHM): ~600 nm (High NA 1.4)
  • User inspired: customise pinhole size and geometry
Supported Software solutions: Metamorph, Nis-Elements, Micromanager, Volocity and Visiview

- Digital portable field microscopes

ioLight's new range of digital portable microscopes are built for getting images on the go. Offering high-end visual capabilities that fit right into the user's pocket, the ioLight portable digital microscopes fold flat and have dimensions of 160 x 101 x 32 mm. Incorporating magnifications up to 400x, these powerful digital microscopes come in variations of 1mm and 2mm field of view.
Key Features:
  • Magnifications up to 400x
  • Available in 1-2mm field of view models
  • Resolution of 1 micron - powerful enough to see the structure of plant and animal cells
  • Images: 5MP; Video: MPEG-4; colour; up to 1296 x 972; 10 fps
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Adjustable top and bottom illumination; Ideal for counting cells
  • Fits into a jacket pocket
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