FIRST Newsletter | March 2021
15-March-2021 | Issue 11 |
Look back at the Seed Technologies tested by FIRST
FIRST's 25th Anniversary
FIRST was founded as the market for genetically modified organism (GMO) row crops was launching as well. The first GMO corn, cotton, and soybean varieties were available to producers in 1996. Kevin Coey founded FIRST in early 1997 to offer farmers unbiased research into the performance of these new technologies, organizing trials as Farmers' Independent Research of Seed Technologies.

We put together the graphics nearby to look at how technologies tested by FIRST have changed over time. As different trait packages were released, seed companies entered those products in FIRST trials to provide unbiased, third-party research on yield performance. The products being tested in 2021 are included and give a preview of what we'll report on this year.
Corn Grain*
* Those trait packages with the largest proportions of entries are shown. Not all could be included for space reasons.
"When making comparisons, I typically like to look at yield results across multiple locations to see how consistent the hybrid or variety yields. Other sources that provide quality yield data include the FIRST (Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technology) plots."
— Katie Parker, Illinois Extension (link)
Stay tuned

To celebrate our 25th year, we will continue to share analysis of other factors associated with yield and agronomic performance using detailed FIRST records. To date, there have been more than 900,000 mini-strips planted, maintained, measured at harvest, and reported in the corn grain program, and almost 300,000 in the soybean program.

We will provide updates on the collaborative work of FIRST managers, host farmers, and seed sponsors who have entered their products this year. We are proud to serve the agricultural industry to increase yield and profitability for American farmers. Thanks for joining us!
Unbiased, Accurate Yield Testing. Every Time.

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