Momentum building to land Boeing's NMA here
Pierce County's amazing aerospace sector was on display last week as suppliers and the Governor's NMA Council organized to secure the jobs that will be coming from Boeing's expected next new jet. Thanks to all who have already made their financial contribution to the effort; momentum is building. You can find out more about this critical economic development priority at

Housing affordability challenges in the region
A new Puget Sound Trend looks at housing costs across the region, which have been rising at some of the highest rates in the nation over the past few years. Earlier this month we hosted a Toolbox peer networking session focused on housing. Lots of great insights and information were shared, which help set the stage for how to address housing in VISION 2050.

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Transit ridership growing faster than population
More people are using the region's transit system than ever before. A new Puget Sound Trend examines transit ridership data from 2017. Important takeaways: Since 2010, transit ridership has grown almost twice as fast as population. The region's transit system accommodated 5 million more boardings - a 2.3% increase over the previous year.

General Assembly to meet on May 31 at The Sanctuary Seattle
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the PSRC General Assembly on Thursday, May 31. PSRC members: A top reason you should attend is to ensure we have a quorum to vote on adoption of the Regional Transportation Plan. It keeps federal transportation funds flowing to the region. The agenda also includes electing the PSRC president and vice president and approving the budget. And we're excited to cap off the event with a panel discussion featuring mayors from Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Poulsbo. You don't want to miss it!

I welcome your feedback on our work at PSRC. You can reach me at .

Executive Director
Puget Sound Regional Council
May 29, 2018