January 2019 LA CIVIL eFiling updates

This Monday, January 21, Superior and Federal Courts will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

DDS Legal will be open.  

Enjoy a 3-Day weekend!
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Complex Civil case mandatory date for eFiling has been moved to APRIL 1, 2019.

Happy New Year!  17 days into January, Los Angeles Superior Court continues to work through the new, digital clerk review for accepting / rejecting / or partially accepting CIVIL EFILINGS.
The volume of Civil eFilings has caused delays with returns (both accepted and rejected documents) and the court has asked us to pass on the message - "please be patient." 

Unlike other counties, where the process of eFiling is streamlined by simply choosing a document, upload PDF file, then submit; the process of Los Angeles Civil eFiling requires more data fields to be completed before submitting your documents for acceptance.  The data comes from your documents submitted, and if data does not match up, there is potential for rejection.

Not to worry, DDS Legal has you covered and will assist in any way to expedite and make your LA eFiling experience as easy as possible!  

As LA CIVIL eFiling evolves, we will keep you informed of the latest tips and  experiences.  Here is info we pass along most frequently:

1) General Rule for Courtesy Copies.  Courtesy copies for eFilings with a hearing date of 2 days or less shall be delivered to the courtroom by 4:30pm, same business day, if feasible.  If eFiling is submitted after 4:30pm, courtesy copies shall be delivered to the courtroom by 10:00am, next business day.

2) Courtesy Copies are ALWAYS required for:
- Pleadings and motions of 26 or more pages (including attachments such as declarations and exhibits) 
- Pleadings and motions that include points and authorities
- Demurrers
- Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication
- Motions to Compel Further Discovery
- Anti-SLAPP filings, pursuant to CCP Section 425.16
- Any document required by a Standing or General Order

3) Judicial Officers may request courtesy copies any time.

4) You must include Proof of Electronic "SUBMISSION" with courtesy copies.    Simply attach email received from DDS Legal eFiling portal or screen shot from portal that includes the court's "LA-transaction/envelope number"

5)  Ex Parte Applications and documents in support must be eFiled no later than 10:00am, the court day before Ex Parte hearing.

Oppositions to Ex Parte Applications must be eFiled no later than 8:30am, the court day of Ex Parte hearing.

If opposition is eFiled after 4:00pm, the court day before, a courtesy copy is required to be delivered to courtroom.

We recommend to always bring extra courtesy copies to hearing.

6) PDF files must be scanned "upright - portrait layout" not "head-first, sideways - landscape layout"  - if the court receives a document "sideways - landscape" - your document will be rejected.

7) PDF files must be bookmarked and searchable.

8) For some filings, LASC gives you an option to choose a "name extension" document, allowing you to extend the name, longer than the generic, root name.  You must type additional information if you choose a "name extension" document.

9) DO NOT USE an ampersand "&" when naming a PDF file or typing a "name extension" and do not use "&" in any data field such as "address for multiple units/suites" or "combining numbers" - do not type "&" - type-out the word "and" or leave out.

10) You may only eFile 1 LEAD document per transaction.   An example of a lead document is a Motion; therefore, only 1 Motion per envelope.  Not to worry, the DDS Legal portal separates different lead documents you're allowed to file.

11) You must upload your LEAD document first, and then upload supporting documents thereafter.    Not to worry, the DDS Legal portal separates lead documents from supporting documents.

12) For NEW CASES, choose case type from box checked on Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum (do not choose box checked on Civil Case Cover Sheet, the verbiage will not match court's electronic file manager correctly).

13) For NEW CASES, combine in same PDF file and upload once: BOTH Civil Case Cover Sheet -AND- Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum.  Scanned in order (first) Civil Case Cover Sheet, followed by (second) Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum.

14) For LIMITED NEW CASES, if Demand Amount is requested, please enter an amount.

15) For SUBSEQUENT CASE SEARCHES, you must type the exact case number (you cannot leave out letters or numbers).

16) Separate to individual PDF files (do not submit as 1 PDF), these 3 documents- 1) Proof of Service of Summons and Complaint; 2) Declaration of Diligence; 3) Proof of Service by Mail.  If you submit these three as 1 document, your submission will be rejected.
Los Angeles Civil eFiling Support
As of January 11, 2019, the Central Family Law Division at Stanley Mosk Courthouse, implemented the following change:

All matters previously assigned to Judge Amy Pellman, and calendared in Department 43, were reassigned to Judge Anne Richardson, in Department 43, and remain scheduled on the dates and times previously set, unless otherwise notified.
Effective February 4, 2019, the Family Law Division at Whittier Courthouse, announces the following changes to courtroom operations:

All matters currently assigned to Judge Danielle R.A. Gibbons and calendared in Department 123, Room 123, will be reassigned to Commissioner Maria May J. Santos, and shall remain scheduled on the dates and times previously set, unless otherwise notified.

Departments 102 and 123, which previously were dedicated to only hearing restraining order matters, will now also have family law matters randomly assigned, including: dissolution (divorce), legal separation, and annulment cases, as well as child custody, support and visitation matters.

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