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It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but after San Francisco’s Community Opportunity to Purchase Act has blazed a trail in giving qualified nonprofits the first crack at multi-unit buildings up for sale, rental property owners in the East Bay are not flattered.

Not to be outdone by lawmakers across the Bay, Oakland and Berkeley have floated even more radical measures to keep tenants implanted under their respective Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Acts.

The idea is, when ownership changes hands, tenants should not be uprooted by so-called speculators - better to sell to an organization dedicated to affordable housing, even if it diminishes the rights of owners. We take a hard look at these measures in our recent update

Also on our radar is AB-2406, a proposed bill that would create a statewide rent registry requiring owners to disclose reams of information about their rental business for the world to see online.

While tenants’ rights advocates and the landlord camp doesn’t see eye to eye on many initiatives, they are odd bedfellows in opposing creation of a database that reveals private information. We take on this subject here

We thank the many registrants for our March 6 webinar that peels the onion deeper on California’s rent caps and eviction controls and we invite you to attend if you haven’t already marked the date. 
Peeling the onion deeper on statewide rent caps and eviction controls

Our last webinar engendered many questions. On Friday, March 6, Daniel Bornstein answers many of the questions posed.
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