Update on the role of Vitamin D3 in COVID-19 infections.

As concerns increase as new variants of COVID 19 arise, little official attention has been given to the increasing data suggesting that maintaining an optimum level of Vitamin D can protect against this viral infection and its complications.

Last year we published a newsletter on some of the early data suggesting that maintaining a good Vitamin D level is protective. (Click Here to see this Newsletter)

This year more data and recommendations have become available:

1)    A controlled study of 76 patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 infections was published in April 2021. Of 50 patients given 20,000IU of Vitamin D on admission followed by 10,000IU per day, only one patient (2%) was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ITU) and no patient died. This compares to an additional 26 patients who were not given Vitamin D on admission. In this patient group 13 (50%) were admitted to the ITU, and two died. (1)

2)    A consortium of over 200 Scientists and Doctors Call for Increased Vitamin D Use to Combat COVID-19. In their open letter to public health officials, doctors, and healthcare workers, they came together to make a strong statement regarding Vitamin D’s health benefits to immune function and overall health during the global pandemic. (2)

3)    As a result of a review of the data on Vitamin D preventing COVID infections a group of Irish politicians have recommended that Vitamin D should be offered to anyone attending COVID testing centers. This came about after a 28 page report was released by a consortium of doctors at major academic institutions in Ireland. (3)

Even Anthony Fauci, MD, has said he takes a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D “does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told actress Jennifer Garner in a September interview. “I would not mind recommending—and I take it myself—taking vitamin D supplements.”
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