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Spring 2021 | Undergraduate Student Newsletter
the Chair
Dear Biological Sciences Students,

Whether you are here in person or are at the other end of a Zoom call, whether you are a returning undergraduate or happen to be brand new to our Biological Sciences community, I wanted to personally welcome you to our department and wish you every success during this spring of 2021.  

For many of us, year two of this global pandemic feels too long and without a near end in sight. So, I wanted to share some thoughts with you, penned by one of my former graduate students, Prof. Sharon Homer-Drummond, that have resonated with many, and I hope they do with you as well. 

"As biology students, and future research and health-science professionals, many of you will be dealing with the long-term ramifications of this or future zoonotic (animal to human or vice versa) epidemic and pandemic diseases…I hope that you let these circumstances motivate you to excellence and perseverance in your fields. And I hope that you recognize that you have the opportunity to work not just on entering the careers you desire, but that you have the opportunity, through your specific relationships and broader community relationships, to encourage others to think critically, to appreciate the process of science, to embrace the beauty and wonder in the world that science can show us, and to act compassionately.”

I hope that this new Biological Sciences Undergraduate Newsletter will help us to create greater connections among Biological Sciences students, faculty, and alumni.

And, as always, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for future issues at  

Stay well and safe. 

  ~Prof. Sarah Milton, chair
Student Spotlight

Tiny Earth Love

Bacteria art by @martidenharti with bacteria isolates MGP2. Martel Den Hartog, an undergraduate student in our Tiny Earth Lab, garnered national attention @TinyEarthNet. Congrats!
Research Spotlight
Shark Lab: South Florida Annual Blacktip Shark Migration is Underway

Biological Sciences Professor Stephen Kajiura and his research team use drone technology to study South Florida’s blacktip shark migration to better understand predator-prey interactions, migration, and environmental factors that correlate with their movement. But blacktip sharks are not the only predators visiting our waters! Read more.

Visit the Shark Lab and follow them on Instagram @sharkmigration.
Department News
Pursue a B.S. in Medical Biology

New! Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology program offers a streamlined pathway for students seeking entrance into competitive professional programs in the health sciences, such as medical, veterinary, or pharmacology schools. Learn more about the program.

Student Life
Get involved!

Clubs are a great way to meet new friends, develop new skills, learn about research opportunities and campus activities, and have fun in the process!

How to Get Involved

Use OwlCentral to find organizations that interest you! When you find an organization that interests you, you can send the organization president a message through OwlCentral to find our more information about joining.
An Enhanced Academic Approach
Honors Research Programs

Biological Sciences offers two Honors Research Programs which recognize research accomplishments of talented undergraduates. Applications are accepted three times per year and students begin the semester following their application submission. Read more.
Important deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021 - last day to drop with a "W"