JULY 10, 2021

Following is exciting news from DBI.

Do want to mention that the locations of disciplines at counters is still in flux the permitting process is certainly getting more efficient. More staff and plan checkers are being hired which is helping getting more permits issued.

What I would like to see considered is that access to the floors beyond the second floor not require the Permit Center to inform security to allow access. If there is concern about security then have kiosks at the security counter to sign in. Currently one may have to stand in a line at the Permit Center with customers who are getting routed to the plan check stations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding this past year. Throughout the pandemic, we have strived to continue serving to you – reviewing plans and issuing permits, conducting inspections to ensure safe construction, producing records for architects and real estate transactions, and investigating complaints.

We are very pleased to announce that DBI will return to our normal business and again welcome customers to meet in-person at the SF Permit Center (49 South Van Ness) with permitting staff, plan checkers and inspectors starting Monday, July 19th.

What this means for you:

  • All DBI services offered before Covid will resume.
  • Fully vaccinated members of the public are not required to enter the building with a mask.
  • Social distancing requirements and capacity limits will no longer be in effect.
  • Customers will be able to access the 4th & 5th floors during business hours to meet with staff and conduct rechecks as necessary; all visitors must first check-in with security on the ground floor. 

For our in-person customer service hours, please visit the San Francisco Permit Center website.

For more information about DBI operations, please visit our website.

Transitioning Away From Appointments

As we restore our normal operations and return to the convenience of our walk-in service, the San Francisco Permit Center will be closing the Over-the-Counter (OTC) appointment calendar on October 30. We will honor appointments through October 29 and are allowing permit applicants to hold up to five appointments.

To learn more about the Permit Center’s same-day drop-in queues and live wait time updates, please visit the SF Permit Center website.

New Date - Public Advisory Forum

DBI is rescheduling the July 28 Public Advisory Forum to 3:30-5pm on August 25. We will share topics and call-in information prior to the meeting.

Thank you for your support and partnership during the challenges of the past year. We look forward to seeing you and working together.
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