Houmas House Estate and Gardens
September 2020

The tables are set and the candles lit! Latil's Landing is taking exclusive dining to a whole new level. Why have a meal when you can have a dining experience?

Beginning September 18th, the restaurant will open each dining room for one small group per seating.

Diners will have a private room in the original 1770's French House while enjoying a custom 5 course tasting menu, available with wine pairings.

For a minimum of 8 people this option is by reservation only and should be made 5 days in advance.

Each dining room overlooks the circular glowing fountain in a courtyard surrounded by lighted gardens.

Executive Chef Jeremy Langlois will personally work with each party to create the perfect menu for your dinner.

Pricing for this experience starts at $100 per person for dinner with the option to add wine pairings and any other upgrades. The button below will direct you to a form to request a reservation and speak directly to the Chef.

Latil's Landing
Open Thursday - Saturday
The Inspiration Behind Our Menu

This historic estate has seen the influence of French, Spanish, English, African and Native American cultures. Over the years these cultures have been reflected in the architecture, the dialect and most importantly- the food.

Executive Chef Jeremy Langlois believes it's important to honor the past while introducing new twists on historic Louisiana cuisine. Whether it's using French delicacies like fois gras or English staples like stewed beef, he always ties in a Louisiana element like stone ground grits or something homegrown like Sugar Cane.

Chef Langlois gets most excited when challenged to create a completely new dish drawing from inspiration from what he calls his Louisiana "pantry". One of the most notable dishes being the Bisque of Curried Pumpkin, Crawfish and Corn. The combination of these non-traditional pairings has become a staple in the restaurants and a guest favorite.

Regardless of the season, the menus always reflect what's growing in the gardens, located just steps from the kitchen, and what's available at local farmers markets. With so many elements to be inspired by, the culinary scene at Houmas House is worth the drive itself.

Keeping It Local

Although many locals enjoy dining at Houmas House, the historic estate is a popular tourist attraction, seeing visitors from around the world. When coming to South Louisiana one of the top activities is dining and experiencing the local flare of Louisiana's culinary scene.

This is one reason it's so important for Sous Chef Bryce Silvo to shop at local farmers markets and maintain relationships with local farmers. How can we say it's true Louisiana cuisine when we shipped it in from Oklahoma?

Between the produce and herbs grown on site and what we buy from local farmers, we can proudly say we offer a farm to table menu. Many off-the-menu specials are inspired by what's growing in our gardens and in season.

Louisiana has so many crops year round making it easy to be creative with seasonal menus while also supporting our local farmers. Thank you to all who have continued to support our restaurant this year. Doing so has also helped our local farmers.
Secrets From the Kitchens of Houmas House
What's better than reading a recipe? Watching it being prepared LIVE and in REAL TIME! Our Executive Chef Jeremy Langlois hosts weekly Facebook Live cooking demonstrations and prepares some of our guests' favorites. Join us every Thursday at noon on Facebook to watch and interact with our Chef. Follow us here:

In case you want to catch up on the videos you missed, you can see them here. Enjoy!
Beyond the Table

Although rarely seen, the culinary team at Houmas House plays an integral role in every function across the expansive estate. To be a chef at Houmas House means more than dishing up the nightly specials.

These chefs behind the swinging doors celebrate your anniversary with you.

These chefs in the white coats helped plan your wedding by creating the perfect menu just for you.

These chefs have seen you get engaged, get married and celebrate every huge milestone with you.

These chefs have been tested by food critics from around the world, and watch as picture after picture floats through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

These chefs host international dignitaries where the only language understood is food.

These chefs understand the responsibility they have to honor the past of Houmas House but also create new experiences for the future.

This is our culinary team. They are part of what makes visiting Houmas House so special. It takes a team to create a memorable experience for you and they can be found just beyond the table.

You've asked for this and now it's finally here- our gift shop is available online! Starting with a few of our most popular items, we will continue to add more products throughout the year. This is the perfect way to share your memories of Houmas House with friends and family. Orders are shipped in the US only.
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