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February 4th, 2022
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Why We Cruise
The one oar, one person dinghy race in Two Harbors, Catalina Island (October 16, 2007). It was one of those memorable days. Perfect weather, anchored in paradise, and it was time for the one-man dinghy race! As you can see, it gets a little hectic. This is one of the fun events that you'll find at rendezvous all over the world. Another reason the cruising lifestyle is so much fun!
Are You Ready For Miami?
Latitudes & Attitudes will be at the Museum Park Marina Sail Area, just north of the American Airlines Stadium, at booth 66,67.
We are! The all new Miami Boat Show is set and this year it is a whole new show! We will be at the Sail Area, just north of the American Airlines Stadium.
The Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show have joined forces to create the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show, the largest boat and yacht event in the world. Life is better on a boat. Discover everything from kayaks to superyachts to the latest aquatic innovations. 
Make sure to secure your tickets for the largest boat and yacht event in the world, which will be returning to the Miami Beach Convention Center and four additional locations from Wednesday, February 16th through Sunday, February 20th for Presidents Day!
The two shows will be anchored at the Miami Beach Convention Center, One Herald Plaza, Sea Isle Marina, Museum Park Marina, and IGY Yacht Haven Grande at Island Gardens.
  • Miami Beach Convention Center (powered by West Marine) will offer power boats up to 49 feet, engine manufacturers, marine accessories, electronics, and retail pavilions. 
  • One Herald Plaza will feature larger power boats, motor yachts ranging from 50 feet to 125 feet in length, yacht tenders, engines, marine accessories, and retail pavilions.
  • Sea Isle Marina will set the stage to test drive over 150 sea trial vessels while also highlighting boat and engine manufacturers. 
  • Museum Park Marina will provide an up-close look at the latest sailboats, catamarans, and sailing accessories. 
  • IGY Yacht Haven Grande at Island Gardens will showcase SuperYacht Miami with the largest and most luxurious yachts at the Miami International Boat Show.
Ticketing – General Admission and Prime Time Preview
Enjoy a One-Day, Two-Day, or Prime Time Preview access to the 2022 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show.
Tickets include access to the Miami Beach Convention Center, Pride Park, Sea Isle Marina, One Herald Plaza, and Museum Park Marina. 
Prime Time Preview tickets grant guests early access to the show, valid for any one-day Feb. 16 – Feb. 20. Access to the boats here at the show is by the discretion of the broker, dealer, and/or manufacturer. Children under the age of 6 are free if accompanied by an adult.
  • Children – General Admission One-Day Ticket: $15
  • Adult – General Admission One-Day Ticket: $40
  • Adult – General Admission Two-Day Ticket: $70
  • Prime Time Preview One-Day Ticket: $60 (valid Wednesday – Sunday)
See Ya There!
You might know Bill Pinkney. His solo sail around the world was dedicated to his two grandchildren, but along the way he picked up another 29,992 in schools in Chicago and Boston. They followed his trip and learned lessons in math, science, geography, history, and life lessons as he learned them at sea. The first book about the voyage was a Basal reader for first graders.
“In the seventh grade I read a book by an author named Armstrong Sperry: “Call It Courage”, it was a story that touched my heart because I felt very much like the hero of the story. He, like me, had been an outcast.  He because he was afraid of the water and me because in school, I was one of a few black children and the other kids were not kind to us. I grew up without a father, my parents divorced when I was six, so my mom, sister and I were on public aid for a while. Always on the outside never being a part of the crowd I felt alone. When I read the story about this young boy who was on the outside like me, and how he took his destiny into his own hands and had a great adventure, I knew that was what I wanted too.”
That is the opening paragraph to his new book for young readers. He did not reach his goal until he was 55 years old, which is why he wrote “Sailing Commitment around the world.” He wants young people to realize their goals and set out for them early. We think his story can inspire that.

Boat Show News & Updates
Miami International Boat Show 
February 16-20, 2022

September 15-18, 2022

September, 2022

October 13-17, 2022

St. Petersburg Boat Show (FL) 
SEE YOU THERE! Cruisers' Party Saturday Night!
January 2023

boot, World's Largest Boat Show (Düsseldorf) 
January 2023
The First Lats&Atts Cruisers' Party 1997
Look below and you will see a lot of the same faces!
The 2022 - 25th Anniversary L&A Cruisers' Party
(note the couple in the center of both photos, Jeff & Marie (AKA Ken & Barbie!)
St. Pete 25th Anniversary Cruisers' Party!
It's hard to believe, but it was 25 years ago when we sponsored the very first Cruisers' Party at the St. Pete Boat Show. Back then it was held on the lawn of the Vinoy Hotel in St. Pete. It's hard to believe that was so long ago. It seems like yesterday!
The toughest part about doing the show was replacing all of the booth gear, as we lost it all in the 2020 Bear Fire. But, as you can see, it is all back up and running!
Now that (hopefully) the pandemic is winding down, we look forward to another 25 years of fun and parties!
Bob Bitchin's Books Continue the Rollout!
The California Bear Fire burned the offices of Latitudes & Attitudes to the ground, along with publishers Bob & Jody's home for the past 10 years. There was nothing left unburned, including the complete inventory of Bob Bitchin's books, all nine titles.
We've decided that we will reprint every one of them (not all at once!), but they will only be made available as high-quality, hardcover, collector's editions signed by the author.
The Sailing Life Now Available For Pre-Order
A collection of insights into the world of cruising, as seen by the founder and publisher of Cruising Outpost, Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine, the television show of the same name and Latitude & Attitudes Radio Hour on Pyrate Radio. See what makes people love the cruising lifestyle. Dozens of great anecdotal stories that always give you a better understanding of why people like us go to sea in ships! One of BB's best selling titles! Available as a Hard-Cover, signed collectors edition.
The perennial bestseller from the man behind Latitudes & Attitudes is now available — signed! This is an exciting and hilarious account of Bob Bitchin's extraordinary adventures with his wife, Jody, as they circumnavigate the globe aboard a magnificent staysail ketch. Along the way, everything that can go wrong does, but throughout it all Bitchin's irreverence and humor persevere, as does his passion for the sailing lifestyle.
EMERALD BAY ~ Now available
Emerald Bay, a Treb Lincoln Novel, finds Treb and his friends trying to find out what happened when a boat exploded in Emerald Bay, killing his wife and almost killing Rom, his best friend. The adventure takes you into the underground lifestyle of outlaw bikers as they head to Central America to find those responsible. A look into the drug cartels in the 70s and 80s. This is the second book released in the Treb Lincoln series, originally released in 2002, and reprinted in 2003, this new release is the first time the book has ever been available as a hardcover, signed collector's edition.
KING HARBOR ~  Now available
A Treb Lincoln Novel: Living aboard his boat in King Harbor was the perfect life. Then one day a boat explodes across the channel, and he is sucked into a world of terrorists and intrigue. With a single explosion, Treb Lincoln is blown into a mystery that is killing people halfway around the world. Before the adventure ends he will enlist the aid of some old friends, be pursued by his own government, and end up sailing across the Pacific to save a friend's loved ones! Fast paced and never dull, this is the tale of old friends who are thrown together into a life of violence and never ending intrigue.
DORF ~  Now Available
If you are offended by sex, drugs, and rock & roll this book is NOT for you!
 This is either a work of fiction or non-fiction. (i.e. Schrödinger's Cat!) As this didn’t actually happen, it didn’t actually happen about mid-August, 1973.
What I am trying to allude to is it never happened… and when it did, I wasn’t there, because if it were labeled as non-fiction a whole lot of people could be highly embarrassed (or worse!). Well, not a lot, because most of them are dead by now, or in jail, but just in case, and to keep from having what little I have left in life taken away from me by lawyers and other blood-suckers I guess I will just label it as FICTION! There, now no one can sue me for anything.
This will be the first time this book as been available in hardcover, and you can now place your order for your signed collector's edition.
This is a collection of articles that show what it is truly like once a person has decided to cut the dock lines and sail off into the sunset. Bob has sailed over 100,000 miles, all over the world, and still manages to get out and show sailors what it’s like with his “Share The Sail” adventures in such idyllic areas as Tahiti, Croatia, Tonga, Greece, the BVIs, and Thailand. Order your copy now!
BIKER TO SAILOR - Now Available.
Biker to Sailor, is now available at bobbitchin.com. It tells the story of how this 300-pound, tattooed outlaw transformed into a world sailor, and changed his life, and thousands of others as well. Here's what has been said about this book:
“I always wondered how a tattoo-covered, bigger than life, irrepressible biker-dude decided to take up sailing and went on to start his very own cruising magazine. In his own inimitable way, Bob has filled in the blanks, telling an only in America tale.”
 Lin Pardey, voyager, author
“A larger-than-life storyteller does it again. Here is another book illustrating how we get just one shot at this thing called life and how possible it is to switch gears and experience radically different lifestyles, given the will to try, the desire to succeed. Bob practices what he preaches and writes about—not dreaming the life, but living the dream—and inspires by his example.” Tania Aebi, Author, World Class Sailor
A Brotherhood of Outlaws - Now Available
Originally written over 40 years ago, describing the outlaw motorcycle culture of the 1960s, 70s and 80s has gone to print and starts to ship about February 15th. This book is the first of the Treb Lincoln Adventure Novels.
A Brotherhood Of Outlaws takes Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance to dangerous levels. Life among the outlaw tribes... Hilarious, warm and chilling. The most honest book to come out about the outlaws motorcycle underground of America. You won’t be able to put it down until you read it all.” - Biker Magazine
“More truthful and relevant than Hunter Thompson’s Hells Angels. Not for the squeamish reader. A fast-moving first novel with a surprise on every page. Not boring!” - Cycle News
Be sure to tune in for the Latitudes & Attitudes Radio hour hosted by Bob Bitchin every Saturday at noon (Eastern) and Wednesday at 8pm (Eastern). He'll be talkin' story and listening to eclectic music from his personal collection!
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