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July 8, 2021 
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Due to the loss of our warehouse in the Bear Fire last September, all of our back issues burned. BUT ( I love that word!) some of our readers sent in their back issues, so we do have a limited supply of older back issues, and we have the issues we've printed since the fire (#33 Winter 2020, #34 Spring 2021, #35 Summer 2021).

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Why We Cruise
Marigot Bay in St. Lucia has got to be one of the best places to stop on Earth, or, I guess I should say "on the ocean." It's a magical bay that most people only stop at as a one-night stopover, but over the years we have found more & more reasons to stop and stay for a few days. Good anchorage, good food, and beautiful surroundings! What more could you ask for?
Bob Bitchin to "Teach"
at Cruisers University and Speak at the SSCA Gam!
SSCA Gam - 9/25-26/21
Cruisers University - 10/14/21 All Day Class
Now that the Covid pandemic is about over, it's time to come out of our shells and get back to doing what we love! At least for those who have been vaccinated!
Bob will be speaking at these two events, and will also be at the Newport, Annapolis, and St. Pete Boat & Miami Shows! So if you are in the area, stop by and say hi!
Captain Bill Pinkney to Be
Inducted Into the Sailing Hall of Fame!
Captain William “Bill” Pinkney, a long-time friend and Chicago native living in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, will be inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island, on October 16, 2021. In addition to the induction, Pinkney will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, which has only been award a few times. Captain Bill will join such notables as America’s Cup winners Ted Turner and Dennis Connors, along with Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail around the world solo. Beyond being the first African American sailor to solo circumnavigate the globe, Captain Pinkney's accomplishments include a Peabody Award-winning documentary about his sail, a children’s book he has written being used nationwide as a Basel reader for first graders, and an autobiography that Maya Angelou called “….a travel book of the first order.” As an expedition leader of the Middle Passage Institute’s “Voyages Home” project, he took teachers to Brazil and West Africa to create a five-part video series distributed by Great Plains National, a division of the University of Nebraska. As the first Master of the Freedom Schooner AMISTAD, he has traveled the East and Gulf coasts, England, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Cuba telling the story of the revolt of African captives that sparked the first Human Rights case in the US Supreme Court. This induction will bring diversity to the upper level of organized sailing and a broader view of African Americans at sea — in both recreational and professional capacities —over the course of America's maritime history.
We at Lats & Atts have worked with Captain Bill over the years to help increase diversity in sailing, and we send out our heartiest congratulations to a man who has done so much for sailing with humor, grace, and strength of character!
Share The Sail News!
Now 6 nights, no rate increase !
Round The Horn Now Open For Reservations!
Reserve your spot NOW!
NOW 6 Nights!
NOW OPEN for reservations!
A $300 deposit holds your space!
Trip Insurance is available!
Last week we had a conference call with the folks at Australis, who run the boat we will be sailing on for our Cape Horn Adventure. The date is now set for March 10-15, 2022. No, not on small sailboats. We have reserved 20 cabins on a 100-cabin, small adventure cruising boat. It will be a five-day, six night cruise starting and now ending in Punta Arenas, Chile.
   We will land on glaciers, go ashore with penguins, and then "Round the Horn"! AND we will be among fellow sailors, so you can imagine the talk at the bar in the evenings! This has been on our bucket list for years. And now we have added Isla Magdalena National Park!
The Changes for the Better Are Confirmed!
We were able to simplify the adventure and extend it as well, with no increase in costs. The folks at the ship company have agreed to depart from and return to Punta Arenas, as opposed to the original ending point being Ushuaia, Argentina. Also, they are extending the event from 4 days to 5 days/ 6 nights, adding a stop in beautiful Magdalena Island National Park the last night of the event!
DO IT NOW! Space is limited!
Croatia Share The Sail
Dates are finalized
The pandemic said we couldn't do it on the original date, May 2020, so we reset it to May 2021. But once again, too much Covid going around. It was rescheduled for 2022. Dates are May 14 through the 21st. Leaving out of Trogir, which is close to Split, Croatia. The event was sold out, but there are some who cannot make the new dates -- so there MAY be some berths available. There may only be a few. If interested, email Jody and we will see what cabins we have.
MarineMax Acquires Cruiser Yachts
Mark Pedersen, President of Cruiser Yachts, stated, "We are very excited about becoming part of the MarineMax family and the great opportunities that lie ahead. Over the years, we have recognized that certain customers prefer only to buy an American built yacht, and our brand compliments MarineMax's other offerings. The MarineMax team has a proven track record of success in our industry. Cruisers owners and a strong dealer network will all greatly benefit from being a part of MarineMax."
Boat Show News & Updates
San Diego Show
August 20-22, 2021

September 16-19, 2021

September 23-26, 2021

October 7-10, 2021

October 14-18, 2021

St. Petersburg Boat Show (FL)
January 13-16, 2022

boot, World's Largest Boat Show (Düsseldorf)
January 22-30, 2022

Miami International Boat Show
February 16-20, 2022

Has been acquired by the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA). The new dates have not been announced as of this newsletter, but will be updated in upcoming newsletters!

Join SSCA as it returns to St. Augustine, FL
Join SSCA as it returns to St. Augustine, FL, for the second time! Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and touted as the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine is a tourist destination sure to be enjoyed because of its rich history, Spanish colonial architecture, and Atlantic Ocean beaches. You may find these articles from previous Cruisers' Bulletins helpful as you plan your trip to St. Augustine: Ten Most-Asked Cruiser Questions About St. Augustine, Why SSCA Chose St. Augustine, Introduction to St. Augustine, St. Augustine Restaurants and Exploring South of St. Augustine.
The gam is scheduled for November 12th-14th at the St. Augustine Shrine Club. Slips and mooring balls have been reserved at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina and reservations must be made by October 12th. SSCA will provide shuttle service to and from the Shrine Club for attendees staying at the marina. For those needing hotel accommodations discounted rooms are available at the Sebastian Hotel through October 11th. You'll find information on both further down the page. If you are coming by RV, you can find a listing of area campgrounds with this link.
Marina di Varazze Is a Winner 13 Years in a Row!
The Marina di Varazze in Italy has been awarded the Blue Flag for environmental quality and sustainable tourism for 13 years in a row! That's a pretty good record! It has now become a point of reference for those wishing to spend their free time in a pleasant yet smart environment, with plenty of shops and restaurants, not far from the old town of Varazze. Marina di Varazze has 800 moorings for craft up to 45 m. (115 ft.) in length. The quays located at the eastern end of the Port, both with fixed and floating mooring facilities, are exclusively designed for sailing boats, while the fixed moorings in the three areas further West are for motor vessels. Set among luscious vegetation, connected to the centre of the charming village of Varazze by a five minute walk along a footpath, it has the added advantage of its privileged position: just twenty five kilometres from Genoa and the Cristoforo Colombo International Airport.
Bob Bitchin's Books Continue the Rollout!
The California Bear Fire burned the offices of Latitudes & Attitudes to the ground, along with publishers Bob & Jody's home for the past 10 years. There was nothing left unburned,
including the complete inventory of Bob Bitchin's books, all nine titles.
We've decided that we will reprint every one of them (not all at once!), but they will only be made available as high-quality, hardcover, collector's editions signed by the author.
King Harbor ~  Pre-order your signed copy NOW!
A Treb Lincoln Novel: Living aboard his boat in King Harbor was the perfect life. Then one day a boat explodes across the channel, and he is sucked into a world of terrorists and intrigue. With a single explosion, Treb Lincoln is blown into a mystery that is killing people halfway around the world. Before the adventure ends he will enlist the aid of some old friends, be pursued by his own government, and end up sailing across the Pacific to save a friend's loved ones!
Fast paced and never dull, this is the tale of old friends who are thrown together into a life of violence and never ending intrigue as they follow a course that will bring them even closer together.
Emerald Bay ~ Now available
Emerald Bay, a Treb Lincoln Novel, finds Treb and his friends trying to find out what happened when a boat exploded in Emerald Bay, killing his wife and almost killing Rom, his best friend. The adventure takes you into the underground lifestyle of outlaw bikers as they head to Central America to find those responsible. A look into the drug cartels in the 70s and 80s, and how one small group was able to bring them to justice. Always action packed and never boring, this is the second book released in the Treb Lincoln series, originally released in 2002, and reprinted in 2003, this new release is the first time the book has ever been available as a hardcover, signed collector's edition.
Starboard Attitude - Now available
This will be the first time this book as been available in hardcover, and you can now place your pre-order for your signed collector's edition.
This is a collection of articles that show what it is truly like once a person has decided to cut the dock lines and sail off into the sunset. Bob has sailed over 100,000 miles, all over the world, and still manages to get out and show sailors what it’s like with his “Share The Sail” adventures in such idyllic areas as Tahiti, Croatia, Tonga, Greece, the BVIs, and Thailand.
Sitting at a waterfront bar with other sailors, you will never hear about the beauty of a day spent at anchor in safe harbor. No, the stories that rouse men’s souls always start with something going awry, and the adventure that follows as the daemons of the misadventure turn into the true spirit of the cruising lifestyle; living a little more each time the tale is told. Order your copy now!

BIKER TO SAILOR - Now Available. Biker to Sailor, is now available at for $24.95. It tells the story of how this 300-pound, tattooed outlaw transformed into a world sailor, and changed his life, and thousands of others as well. Here's what has been said about this book:
“I always wondered how a tattoo-covered, bigger than life, irrepressible biker-dude decided to take up sailing and went on to start his very own cruising magazine. In his own inimitable way, Bob has filled in the blanks, telling an only in America tale.” Lin Pardey, voyager, author
“A larger-than-life storyteller does it again. Here is another book illustrating how we get just one shot at this thing called life and how possible it is to switch gears and experience radically different lifestyles, given the will to try, the desire to succeed. Bob practices what he preaches and writes about—not dreaming the life, but living the dream—and inspires by his example.” Tania Aebi, Author, World Class Sailor
“The Bitchin’ One does it again, proving that even longhaired, tattooed, bike-booted wild cards can become… well, not 'yachtsmen,' but serious bluewater sailors. How he did it himself is quite a tale!” Sally Erdle, Caribbean Compass magazine

A Brotherhood of Outlaws - Now Available Originally written over 40 years ago, describing the outlaw motorcycle culture of the 1960s, 70s and 80s has gone to print and starts to ship about February 15th. This book is the first of the Treb Lincoln Adventure Novels.
A Brotherhood Of Outlaws takes Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance to dangerous levels. Life among the outlaw tribes... Hilarious, warm and chilling. The most honest book to come out about the outlaws motorcycle underground of America. You won’t be able to put it down until you read it all.” - Biker Magazine
“More truthful and relevant than Hunter Thompson’s Hells Angels. Not for the squeamish reader. A fast-moving first novel with a surprise on every page. Not boring!” - Cycle News
“An insight into what the real world of the outlaw biker was like. The freedom, the feeling of brotherhood, and the way of life exposed to the outside world by one who has lived it. It makes you want to take to the streets.“ - Chopper Magazine

And be sure to tune in for the Latitudes & Attitudes Radio hour hosted by Bob Bitchin every Saturday at noon (Eastern) and Wednesday at 8pm (Eastern). Talkin' story and listening to eclectic music from his personal collection!
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