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Good morning, friends!  In this newsletter, on the heels of our recent presentation at the "Cabo Meeting" for spine professionals, we bring you a highlight of our ECM technology, which was presented there, introduce you to our newest team member, Sara D'Imperio, and share some of the recent publications featuring our company in the news.
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Fundamental Research Corp. - 
Analysts' Ideas of the Week features Lattice
Orthopedics This Week: Darrell Denslow: New National Sales Director at Lattice Biologics
EVENT RECAP: The Spine Technology & Educational Group Organization - 13th Annual "Cabo Meeting" 
Sara D'Imperio joins Lattice Biologics as new Associate Scientist

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Guy Cook,  CEO
Lattice Biologics Ltd.

Fundamental Research Corp. 
Analysts' Ideas of the Week features Lattice
Lattice Biologics Expanding Network
Sid Rajeev, B.Tech, MBA, CFA, Head of Research |

On June 29, 2016, Lattice Biologics Ltd. (TSXV: LBL) announced their plans to pursue a private placement to raise up to $0.50 million by issuing units at a unit price of C$0.20. Each unit will consist of a common share and a one-half share purchase warrant (exercise price - C$0.20 for 36 months). The company subsequently announced that the first tranche totaling $0.26 million has been closed.

Since our Q2 update report, dated June 6, 2016, the company made a few significant announcements: 

June 9, 2016 - Lattice announced that it has been selected by a major hospital group in the southwest U.S. as an approved vendor. This will add six new hospitals to the list of facilities currently utilizing Lattice's products.  Management estimates this new client could potentially boost the company's revenues by $7 - $21 million per year. Note that seven of Lattice's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members operate at the hospital group's facilities. In addition, the approval also allows the company to market its products to the other surgeons affiliated with the hospital group.

June 20, 2016 - Lattice announced that it has been selected by a major privately held healthcare services  organization in the U.S. as an approved vendor. This approval will add 16 acute care hospitals to Lattice's network. According to Lattice, this hospital group operates in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Texas, and employs over 13,000 healthcare professionals. 

Lattice is currently conducting clinical studies across multiple indications adopting their Extracellular Matrix ("ECM"). Lattice believes their process, known as "Matrix Assisted Regeneration" or MAR, can significantly improve the surgical outcomes for allograft recipients, and drastically improve post-surgical healing and reduce recovery time. The company is planning to launch three new products utilizing its patent pending MAR
platform. The following chart shows the company's product pipeline. (See the full article in the link below.)

Orthopedics This Week highlights Lattice Biologics' Darrell Denslow in a "People in the News" feature
Darrell Denslow: New National Sales Director at Lattice Biologics 

In the last newsletter we introduced you to our own sales professional extraordinaire and MMA fighter, Darrell ( check out his Q&A here ).  Since then, he has been featured in  Orthopedics This Week, winner of the MORE Award for Journalistic Excellence in Orthopedics.

"Congratulations to Lattice Biologics and Darrell Denslow on Darrell's new position as your National Sales Director, now featured on our website.  Wishing Darrell and Lattice Biologics much success!"
- Tom Bishow, RRY Publications, LLC /

" Thank you for taking an interest! I have read your journals and magazine for many years now.  Your articles are highly regarded, very well respected and I'm flattered to say the least."
- Darrell Denslow

"Congrats Darrell.  It's a big deal to be featured in this prestigious publication.  We are so proud you are on our team!" 
Guy Cook
The Spine Technology & Educational Group Organization - 13th Annual "Cabo Meeting" 
EVENT RECAP: State of Spine Surgery: A Think Tank
Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos - 
Los Cabos, Mexico
June 30 - July 2

Recently we participated in an exclusive meeting with some of the spine industry's most respected professionals at the "Cabo Meeting" in Los Cabos, Mexico.  The invite-only event shed a bright light on a wide range of topics:

Clinical Dilemmas
Severe cervical stenosis without myelopathy
Cervical Degeneration Cervical TDR
Interbody Fusion
Lumbar Degenerative Spondylolisthesis
MISS: What the data shows
Can we make Spine Surgery more precise?
Out-patient Spine Surgery
Cervico-thoracic Deformity 

Highlights: The main area of interest for us was the possibility of a second generation
BMP-2 (Bone Morphogenic Protein-2, a bone growth factor) product coming to market. ECM (Extracellular Matrix) -- one of the main technologies Lattice is focusing on -- is packed with BMP-2.  

The group displayed some skepticism about the ability to get the product through the FDA in a timely manner considering the side effects associated with the current version of the product. However, allograft tissue was represented as a strong alternative. 
Another particularly interesting topic was the growing perception that PEEK (Poly Ethylene Ethylene Ketone, a plastic that is shaped and milled to be used as a spinal implant) spinal implants have questionable long term biocompatibility. Again, allograft tissue was presented as a reasonable alternative.  
Ironically, I once had a spine surgeon tell me, about 10 years ago,  "When God starts making people out of plastic, that's when I'll start using it.  Until then, I will be using bone."

Lattice Biologics SAB Member, Dr. Richard Guyer , Chairman of the Texas Back Institute, did a fantastic job presenting on our Extracellular Matrix (ECM) technology.  

We also presented our stem cell technology and  three new products currently in development that utilize our matrix-assisted regeneration technology:
  • MarBrane (amniotic tissue matrix allograft)
  • MarGraft (demineralized cortical fiber allograft)
  • MarCell (fully moldable viable cell allograft)
Get to know Sara D'Imperio, our new Associate Scientist
Our newest hire, Sara, hails from Italy, has won  multiple  equestrian competitions, and earned her Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from the University of California, Irvine.  

Sara's research work has focused on 3D cell culture within ECM and she is now bringing her passion for Biomimetics and disease cure research to our scientific team. Welcome, Sara!

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