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Affordable Care Act Update
Cover Oregon and Washington Healthplanfinder
Health Insurance Improvements
Health Carrier Updates
Help Me Live With Diabetes By William Kercher
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Oregon | Washington 

January 2014
Welcome to our new year newsletter.  It's early January and inquiries for health insurance are continuing to increase. We are having success with individual health insurance enrollment in Oregon and Washington.  We have guaranteed health plans, tax credit determination, online exchange enrollment, and more
There will be a disruption with health insurance through March, which is the end of the open enrollment period.  Delays are expected to continue with Cover Oregon and some carriers.  We are here to help you and hope you will contact us for your insurance needs.
Paris Laughlin 
Laughlin Insurance
Affordable Care Act Update
The Affordable Care Act now requires new health insurance provisions.  The provisions will affect individuals, employers, and others who work in related industries.  Read more here.

Small Employers

Large employers   
  • Employer Shared Responsibility Payment.  What is it?
  • Large employers with more than 50 employees will be required to provide health insurance starting 2015
  • We can help large employers with long-term review and planning.
  • The exchange notice to employees was due 10/01/13


Cover Oregon and Washington Healthplanfinder

Cover Oregon and the Washington Healthplanfinder health insurance exchange web based marketplaces are working for individual plans.  Washington is open to the public, while Oregon portal access is currently limited to agents.  Consumers can select agents and receive help with tax credit determination, review of options, enrollment and other policyholder services.  


Cover Oregon is still having significant challenges with the manual processing and paper applications that have been submitted.  We now recommend that Cover Oregon applications and consent for assistance forms be sent directly to us for immediate online web based submission and tax credit determination.  


Cover Oregon small employer options are not currently available at Cover Oregon.  These options may be available some time in 2014? 


Washington Healthplanfinder offers small employer plans with Kaiser Permanente that may be eligible for a tax credit.    



New Health Plan Improvements

Starting in January 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires that health plans add certain benefits and features to health insurance policies.   



Health Carrier Updates      
  • Moda is one having a significant increase of membership for 2014.  Individual dental is also increasing in enrollment. Some delays expected with plan confirmation, billing options, etc.  Need more Moda?
  • Kaiser is continues to be popular for 2014.  They have the new Gateway Medical Clinic at 102nd and NE Halsey in Portland.
  • Health Net has Community Care options through Cover Oregon.  Medicare plans.
  • LifeMap Short-Term Medical plans are quick and easy  
  • Medicaid has expanded and has 15 Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon.  Medicaid is available for individuals with gross annual incomes of approximately $15,000 or lower
  • Medicare.  Turning 65 in the next six months?  Click here.  We have various Medicare Advantage Pans
  • International Medical Insurance.  We have updated information for our International Medical programs here.  We recommend this if you are a US citizen traveling abroad or a visitor to the US.
  • Some carriers in Oregon have allowed 2013 health plans to continue
  • Washington is not expected to have extended 2013 health plans
  • Learn more about our carriers and programs here  
Help Me Live With Diabetes By William Kercher
Diabetes is a serious condition for many people in the United States and throughout the world.  Managing this condition takes diligence and it helps to have someone in your corner that understands the condition and effective self-management. 


William Kercher is the author of "Help Me Live With Diabetes.  His book is part of a series designed to help readers understand what it takes to control diabetes successfully and live a longer, healthier life.  Read more here. 


You can purchase William's book "Help Me Live With Diabetes" here.