March 2023
Laughter Yoga Fun Updates
Laughter Yoga Fun Website Changes

Several changes are taking place on the LYF website. First of all, the Calendar. Sessions on the Calendar are now led by Northern California Laughter Yoga Professionals, however, they are mostly ONLINE so you can join from anywhere if you choose to do so. ADDED below the Calendar are two new segments: Specialty Laughter Yoga Sessions and Laughter Yoga Sessions Around the World.
Scroll down for updates on the Trainings and Workshop pages.

New Sessions on Calendar
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 8:00-8:45AM--ONLINE

Specialty Laughter Yoga Sessions
Listings are located BELOW the Calendar

Laughter Yoga Sessions Around the World
Currently listing Laughter Yoga Sessions based in Southern California and Florida both in-person and online.

Northern California Meetup's

Introduce Laughter Yoga to your business or organization by scheduling an Introduction to Laughter Yoga. The 1 hour presentation covers research on the many health benefits of laughter plus the opportunity to experience a Laughter Yoga session.
Email me for questions or to schedule. Carole
Laughter Yoga Training
Have you thought about becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader, or want to upgrade to a Laughter Yoga Teacher?

Check out the REVISED CLYL/T training page which now lists Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher trainings in both the United States and other Countries.

PLUS, if you are ALREADY a Laughter Yoga Professional, there is an added section for Advanced Training for Laughter Professionals. Current classes are Business Training and The Business of Laughter/MasterClass.
Keep you eye on the Workshop page as the workshops continue on! New workshops are added as they become available. Workshops listed here are NOT Laughter Yoga trainings but rather workshops on laughing while dealing with the many things life throws at us or including Laughter in the many activities of our lives.

Coming in May "Laughter Jazz" In-Person

Previous workshops have included: Laughter with Caregivers, Qigong and Laughter, Laughter Yoga with Dementia and Alzheimer, and, Blending Laughter Yoga with Yoga.
Day of Happiness 2023!

In previous years I discussed Yale University's “Psychology and the Good Life,” also known as the “happiness class.” It is Yale's most popular class with over 1,000 students registered the first time it was taught in 2018. Now, it has moved on to high school! Psychology professor Laurie Santos created the class for Yale and has now adapted it for high school students. This past January, Santos launched a free Coursera class for teens and a free high school curriculum for educators. The curriculum includes a syllabus, video lectures, activities to help build good habits, support resources, and classroom tips. The full article can be found in EducationWeek.

March 20, 2023
Celebrate the
Laughter Therapy VS Laughter Yoga

There is a difference between Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy even though they are often placed in the same "box". Laughter Therapy, according to Pete Cann in a recently published article. Laughter Therapy "involves humor to improve the person’s well-being or help them relieve pain and stress." This is often done in a healthcare setting, or even, 1 on 1 with individuals.

Laughter Yoga, on the other hand, is lots of deep breathing, movement and activities, all without humor or joke telling. Dr. Madan Kataria started Laughter Yoga in 1995 and it now practiced in over 100 counties either in person or online. The health benefits of laughing are the same no matter if you are doing Laughter Therapy or Laughter Yoga!

Check out the Laughter Yoga Fun calendar for Northern California sessions, most of which are online.
“Laughter heals all wounds, and that’s one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you’re going through, it makes you forget about your problems. I think the world should keep laughing.” –Kevin Hart - (408) 644-6202