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Evening Prayer

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Bible Study

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Morning Prayer

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Adult Study
"I sing a song of the saints of God"

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Pre-marital Preparation

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The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector

Tom Gaither,
Sr. Warden
Brian Fizer,
Jr. Warden
Ryan Patten, Clerk
Joanne Moar, Treasurer

Melissa Barnes
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Katie LaBonte
Jane Stewart
Jason Stonehouse
Angela Williams

Larry Kamp,
Director of Music
Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons
Cheryl Robinson, Bookkeeper
The Reverend
 Debbie Phillips, 

Hugh MacKay 
Joanne Moar,

Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Beth Brown
Lois Nicholson
Cindy Rhodes
Helen Watson-Felt,
Altar Guild
Deb Papps,  Chair
Jane Thompson
Maureen Joyce,
Flower Committee 
Celtic Meditations Team
Ryan Patten, musician
Eric Wagner
Jane Stewart
Joanne Moar
Kathleen Tone

Director of Church School
Melissa Barnes

Real Asset Management/Property
Eric Wagner
Mike Ouellette
Tom Tucker
Bob Cole
Walter Weizenauer
Robert Hoffman

Ministry Team
Tom Gaither, Chair
Caroline Watson-Felt
Priscilla Lemons, Clerk

 Creation Care
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Tom Gaither
Jane Stewart

Garden of Life
Jason Stonehouse

Ad Hoc Fundraising
Peggy Carter
Melissa Barnes
Joanne Moar
Caroline Watson-Felt

Convention Delegates
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Joanne Moar
Eric Wagner, Alternate

Deanery Delegates
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Joanne Moar
Walter Weizenauer
Eric Wagner

Thought this Week
Dear Seekers,

One of my favorite things to do is laugh. It just feels so good. I am missing all the laughs I usually have from hanging out with my friends.

There is another reason to laugh, and that is because something sounds absolutely ridiculous. This Sunday, we will hear of such a laugh. Three angels come to visit Abraham and Sarah and tell them that very, very, very old Sarah is going to bear a son. What's her reaction? A big gaffaw, a "yeah, right" laugh. The angels challenge her reaction, because by now she should know that with God, all things are possible.

If someone had told me a few months ago that legislatures around the country were going to propose and enact bills and laws that begin to address the sin of racism in our country, I am sure I would have laughed in the same way. If someone had told me that there would be a groundswell of lament and rallying cries for justice that would last for weeks in every part of this nation, I too would have chuckled and said, "Yeah, right." Yet, this is where we are, so God's hand must be in this loving thing.

As ridiculous as it sounds that a very, very, very old woman could give birth, it happened. As ridiculous as it sounds that this country, with its current leadership, could give birth to a movement of love, it seems that it too is happening. May I never forget that with God, all things are possible.

In the Way of Love,
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This Sunday

This Sunday we hear the story of the three visitors who come to Abraham and Sarah, and we have the call of the first twelve disciples.

At 10:00 am , Debbie will lead us in Morning Prayer and offer a sermon. Larry Kamp will play the voluntaries from home and lead us in two hymns: "As of old their first fruits brought" and "Hope of the world, thou Christ of great compassion." Katie LaBonte will be reading the lessons and Barbara Layne will lead us in prayers . The service opens with a slide show of "Grace from Home," pictures of us at home and of those things which are sustaining us at this time. Please get your picture into as soon as possible! 

In an effort to "catch up" on birthday prayers, this week we will pray for all celebrating birthdays in the month of May. Simply type in the comments section  at any time during the service your name or the name of one you know born in May, and you will be remembered.

Following the service, please stay on to let us know how you are doing.

The service is live streamed on our Facebook page.

At 4:00 pm, our Celtic Evensong will offer meditations, a reflection by Christine Reichert, and Ryan Patten will join us remotely to offer some music. This is also live streamed on our Facebook page.

If you would like to offer a 2-3 minute reflection for upcoming services, please email

Please join us wherever you are 
in your search for meaning. 

Everyone is welcome at any and all services at Grace Episcopal Church
Journey by Stages:
Church Life during a Pandemic
First off, we need to give thanks for our amazing Vestry. This is not an easy time to be in any kind of leadership position with so many new and challenging decisions to make. This group always considers your well being first in each decision made.

The Vestry met on Monday with a very full agenda. One of the issues discussed and acted on was the document,
"Journey by Stages. " This is the Diocese of Massachusetts' document that addresses issues around gathering, study, growing and finances during the pandemic. It has a four stage approached based on research done by epidemiologists and considers health and safety issues. The Vestry will be putting together a Pandemic Response Team to examine this document and to put together a plan for each phase that is appropriate to our parish. We must follow the guidelines of the Diocese, regardless of how early the Commonwealth determines its "phases." As of today, there is no physical regathering before July 1 at the earliest.
Worship and Program
We appreciate the work of everyone involved in the services and programming during this time. We are grateful that our Rector and others are comfortable with technology and we realize there are many who are not. We understand that some are worshiping on their own during this time rather than struggle with Facebook, Zoom, etc. We appreciate everyone's attempts and patience during the pandemic.

The retreat in May was well received and we are considering having another the end of June for Pride Month.

If you would like to be a part of the service either reading the prayers or the lessons, please let Debbie know. She is preparing a schedule for July 5 through September 6th.
We continue to thank one another for continuing to support the community at prayer. Most people have kept up their pledges, which is our greatest means of support.

Please remember that if you have begun paying your pledge through the donate buttons on our website, that a portion of that goes to either Paypal or Square. We ask that you consider adding a little more to cover the expense of this, or consider online banking. 

The family of Gerry Lockard has asked that donations be made in her name to Grace Church. Please consider remembering her this way. A service will be held at a date when all can come and celebrate the life of this wonderful woman. She will be committed to the Quinlan Memorial Garden on the grounds of Grace Church.

Joanne Moar has been attending to the day to day financial operations and we are greatly indebted to her work and the work of Cheryl Robinson, our bookkeeper. We have lost income from rentals and fundraisers. Our greatest fundraising source comes from the Silent Movies in October. With a very low expectation of visitors this year, we are sure this will impact our income as well. We have donation buttons on our website to make it easier for people to give. Please remember Grace Church when considering ways to support the work God has given us to do.
Black Lives Matter
Many of you have been participating in marches and vigils these past weeks. So that the neighborhood knows that our faith demands that we witness to the love of God for black lives, we are asking that those who are able to stand in front of Grace Church with signs in support of the BLM Movement and against racism and white supremacy. Signs are provided and you can contact Brian Fizer at or sign up at

School Partnership
Our partnership with the Salem Schools is one way we address the inequities prevalent in our community. This summer, we are embarking on a partnership with a new cohort of scholars at the Bentley School. No longer a charter school, the Bentley is endeavoring to become a dual language school, much like the Federal Street School was many years ago. Its new principal, Liz Rogers, is someone we worked with at the Bowditch and was at the Federal Street School as well. 

We are preparing a virtual "book buddies" program over the summer to assist the scholars during this very challenging time. Let Debbie know of your interest, and more information and start date should be coming in the next few weeks.
Wednesday Evenings at Grace Church:
Prayer and Study
Evening Prayer at 5:30 pm
Join us for this 15 minute service on our Facebook page. 

Bible Study at 6:00 pm
Do you have insights when reading Scripture? Why not bring them and your questions to Bible Study? Check the sidebar for log in information.

Morning Prayer live-streamed 
at 8:30 am
Book of Common Prayer

For the next few weeks, a 20 minute service of Morning Prayer will be offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays  at 8:30 am on our Facebook page
Thursdays at Grace
Adult Study at 10:00 am 
Join us via Zoom as we explore the lives of some of the saints and how they might inform our own lives today. The first four weeks we will study five saints who lived during the period when Jesus walked the earth: His mother, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter and Paul, and St. Luke. Please join us Thursday mornings at 10:00 am.

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