The U.S. Congress visits 3rd Street
On August 18, U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA 2nd District) visited 3rd Street. Our agency was one stop in a series of community events Congressman McGovern attended to identify the role that Congress could take in stopping food insecurity in America.

Joi Jackson-Morgan, 3rd Street's Executive Director, introduced Congressman McGovern to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, 3rd StrEATS.

"3rd StrEATS is our response to food insecurity in our neighborhood," Jackson-Morgan said. "I wanted Congressman McGovern to see how our approach layers accessibility with high-quality, nutritious food that has historically only been available in the more affluent parts of San Francisco."

3rd StrEATS partners with Earl’s Organic Market to offer weekly fresh produce and groceries to Bayview Hunters Point youth and their families.
Board Members Keep Our Mission Moving
3rd Street's Board of Directors is made up of 11 passionate community members and leaders whose support and expertise help us respond to the growing needs of San Francisco's young people. Board members volunteer their time and energy to our mission and we are proud to share some of them with you.

Scroll down to meet the Chair of the Governance & Board Education Committee along with our five newest members...

Savitha Moorthy
Governance & Board Education Chair
"I believe it is critical to take a holistic approach to development that supports communities from multiple perspectives. While most of my professional life has focused on the education of young people, I strongly believe that health is critical to supporting the well-being of communities and the economic and social mobility of our young people. The mission and vision of 3rd Street--promoting the development as well as the physical, mental, and emotional health of youth from Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP)--resonates strongly with me."

Herschel Lelaind
"As a person who grew up with a single parent in an impoverished neighborhood, I experienced several periods of housing insecurity, 3rd St's mission and values resonate with me deeply. I spent decades educating myself and ascending corporate ladders so that I can blaze a path for others and give back through service. I'm incredibly excited to serve on a board squarely positioned to make a direct impact on the local community."
Glen Kunene
"The young people of Bayview Hunter's Point deserve the health, wellness and support that the city has too often failed to provide them. As a Black SF resident and father, I feel obligated to further 3rd Street's work in providing these essential services to our youth. I've made a career of storytelling to engage, inform, and persuade audiences, and I am honored to apply those skills and experience to furthering 3rd Street's mission."
Vanessa Eng
"I am excited to support youth programs. Growing up as a minority was isolating. I found my community through participation in an after school club - MLK Club (Martin Luther King, Jr). The teacher that ran the club taught us about diversity, inclusion and being proud of who we are. This environment made a huge impact on my perception of self. I'd like to help create supportive environments for others." 
José A Rodríguez
"After joining the Board, I became part of the Governance & Board Education Committee. Through my work with the Committee, I now have a better understanding of how I can utilize my knowledge, skills and experience in service of the organization and contribute to building a healthier, safer and more equitable world. A world where the color of a person’s skin doesn’t determine their access to healthcare, education and other basic human services."
Michael Savage
I believe deeply in 3rd Street's mission to build a more equitable world, especially for San Francisco's youth. As a Board member, I hope to share my perspectives as a Black male, first generation college student, and attorney, in order inform and support youth from BVHP in their pursuits to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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