May 12, 2021 | Issue #41
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Our featured independent bookseller of the week is Politics and Prose Bookstore. As Washington, D.C.’s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, P&P is devoted to cultivating community and strengthening the common good through books, programs, and a respectful exchange of ideas. Get 10% off with the code friendsfiction on THE SUMMER OF LOST AND FOUND by Mary Alice Monroe (in stores Tues 5/11!) and on other new and recent titles from the rest of Fab Five. SHOP NOW! 
Latest News From "The Fab Five"

MARY ALICE MONROE is so excited that THE SUMMER OF LOST AND FOUND is finally in stores and is glad to officially share the book with you. She thanks you for all the pre-orders and early book reviews. Her book tour is underway and features a nice blend of virtual and in-person events. All the details are on her website. Click HERE for a personal message from Mary Alice to you.

MARY KAY ANDREWS’s book tour for THE NEWCOMER got off to a great start last week. She’s still got lots of great events—a mix of virtual and in-person—coming up. She is heating up the highways in Florida (the setting for THE NEWCOMER) with a swing through the Sunshine State including stops in Tampa, St. Pete, Punta Gorda, Sanibel, Winter Garden, Neptune Beach and Fernandina Beach. See listings above and on her website. She is thrilled that the book has been named to E! News’s Best Books of May list where they said “One of the reigning queens of the beach reads delivers yet another summer stunner.” The Tampa Bay Times also called The Newcomer a “made-to-order beach read” in a review that was picked up in papers all around the country. MKA is grateful for all the tremendous support from the F&F universe and is really enjoying meeting so many of you at her events in-person and on-screen.

KRISTY WOODSON HARVEY is so thrilled that has included UNDER THE SOUTHERN SKY in its list of 15 New Books Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day. She hopes all the moms out there had a wonderful weekend!

KRISTIN HARMEL Kristin had a blast last week going into a recording studio in Orlando to record the Author's Note for the Simon & Schuster Audio audiobook of The Forest of Vanishing Stars (coming July 6). She also gained a whole new level of respect for her frequent audiobook narrator, Madeleine Maby, who, for The Forest of Vanishing Stars, had to pronounce words in Polish, Belarusian, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, and Russian. Kristin has promised Madeleine that her summer 2022 novel, which she's writing now, will contain far fewer languages! 
PATTI CALLAHAN is recovering from a week on the road with Meg and MKA where more fun was had than could even be portrayed in the pictures! Meanwhile she is diving back into the next book and can’t wait to start talking about Once Upon a Wardrobe and its backstory and secrets with all of you! Next week she is excited to host Pam Jenoff on the show!  
An Original Essay by Mary Alice Monroe

Each week, the Friends & Fiction authors take turns
writing an essay for, the online home of Parade magazine.This week, Mary Alice's column reflects on what sea turtles have taught her about motherhood and life.

I am a Turtle Lady. That’s an affectionate, old-timey term I own proudly as a volunteer of the Island Turtle Team of Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. There are thousands of volunteers up and down the southeastern coast. Seven species of sea turtles swim in our oceans. Several species nest in Florida. But on the coast of South Carolina, the loggerheads nest. These ancient mariners have traveled our seas for 100 million years, but due largely to man-created problems, such as trawl nets, longline fishing hooks, loss of nesting habitat, poaching and climate change, the loggerheads have been placed on the “threatened” list in the U.S. and “endangered” internationally.

Still, I have hope. Sea turtle nests on our beaches are trending upward. It’s satisfying at this point in my life to look back on two decades of volunteering with sea turtles and see the turn-around. Twenty years ago, when I began volunteering, the turtles were being drowned in shrimp nets while lighting disrupted their nesting. I’ve witnessed firsthand their resilience, their determined following of instincts, the drive for the continuance of their species, and it inspired me to write the lessons I’ve learned from them in the form of story. I believe in the power of story to teach and to make people truly care, far more than facts.

When we moved to the Isle of Palms for my husband’s career, I was in my 40s, raising three children and working hard as an established writer. Little did I know that our move to this region of South Carolina known as the Lowcountry would change not only my life but also my career.

To continue reading Mary Alice's essay on, click HERE.
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News from the F&F Official Book Club
The Newcomer is in stores now! Did you miss the Happy Hour with Mary Kay Andrews and Ron Block? If so you can catch up on the fun HERE

The Summer of Lost in Found is in stores now! Did you miss our Luau with Mary Alice Monroe? Click HERE to see the fun.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming book club discussions. All events below take place at 7pm ET unless listed otherwise. 

May 17: Under the Southern Sky with Kristy Woodson Harvey
June 21: The Newcomer with Mary Kay Andrews
July 19: The Summer of Lost and Found with Mary Alice Monroe
Aug. 16: The Forest of Vanishing Stars with Kristin Harmel
If you missed our Surviving Savannah book club session with Patti Callahan Henry on Monday April 19th, click HERE to see the fun!

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