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The ISOHA Journal is an informal compilation of student works. We are excited to share the work of students from different disciplines and countries all over the world. Many thanks to our Advisory Board of One Health professionals:

Bernadette Dunham, DVM, PhD
Danielle M. Sholly, PhD, MS
Francisco Olea-Popelka, DVM, MSc, PhD
Marc Habash, MSc, PhD

Topics include:
The One Health Concept
Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases
Antimicrobial Resistance
Climate Change
Overview of Partner Organizations

Interested in helping shape the next ISOHA Journal?

Call for Next Round of Advisory Board Members 

Are you interested in being part of and helping us in our next release of the ISOHA Journal? 
We are actively looking for One Health professionals with some experience in reviewing and publishing scientific articles or reviews to help us in our editing and reviewing process prior to publishing our next issue of the ISOHA Journal.

Our goal is to be able to provide to the One Health community, students and professionals alike, a qualitative and serious journal revolving around various One Health related topics. Last year’s issue of our 2021 Journal was a success, and we are aiming to repeat that this year. In order to achieve that, we need YOU. 

Our ISOHA Journal is an opportunity for One Health student champions to contribute to the academic world and bring a fresh perspective to this area. In order to ensure journal quality, we are therefore developing a board of experts to help us review journal article submissions from the global One Health student community.

We are expecting our Advisory Board members to help us in reviewing 3-5 articles (limited at 1500 words each) and to briefly review the full journal and provide our Journal Editors with suggestions for improvement if needed. This process is anticipated to occur between May-August 2022 (dates subject to change), and should not be too demanding in terms of schedule and time input. 

We would be extremely grateful to any motivated One Health professionals willing to help us on our journey in further raising awareness about One Health and giving the opportunity to One Health students across the globe to get involved in enhancing the education of other students worldwide through their contribution to our journal. 

If this has sparked your interest or if you want to learn more, please contact isohajournal@gmail.com. Your help is needed in order to enable us moving forward with our project, so we are thankful for every single enquiry.

Thank you for considering us, we look forward to hearing from you!
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ISOHA Executive Council 

Thank You to the One Health Commission for its support of ISOHA!

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