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The Village of Philmont and PBI are launching the "Summit Lake and Its Watercourse BOA Step 2 Nomination" on Community Day July 14th.

Drop by the booth 10am-3pm on the Village Green (Maple Avenue) to see display boards, maps, the plan, selected sites for redevelopment, join a working group, and more.

NYS Redevelopment Summit
The Philmont team consisting of Village Trustee Barbara Sagal and community residents & business owners Julia Sedlock, Mark Rowntree, Debra Gitterman, Michael Seserman, David Bolevice, and Nathaniel Williams had an awesome time attending the conference. We were the only community-based team!

Congratulations Philmont for being ahead of the curve supporting the Village's BOA plan for redevelopment!

Here are a few of the takeaways:
“The NYS Redevelopment Summit provided me with an overview of the players, processes and strategies of community development, potential funding sources and tips and tricks for accessing them, examples of inspirational development in other communities, a bevy of online resources that will be useful as we explore funding for Philmont, and an opportunity to confer with the Philmont team attending the conference to share our take-aways from the conference and plan our next steps.”  Debra Gitterman 6/14/18
“Immersion in this learning opportunity brought many new insights, but my most potent take away from the conference was about having a cohesive vision that comes from the community, that is based on a shared understanding of existing assets and can be articulated in a convincing story about collective identity and vision for future revitalization that builds a network of private and public funding sources and support to achieve those goals.”
Julia Sedlock (& Mark Rowntree) – Cosmo Design Factory 6/15/18
“I appreciated being able to be part of NYS redevelopment summit. In the sessions I attended what came into focus was that localities, and their networks of expertise, need to rally together and take hold of their particular challenges in order to be successful. The government programs and policies appeared clearly as fulcrums, not levers, flint that can draw the spark, not the fire. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this I will try to make good use of what I learned in Philmont.”
Nathaniel Williams - Free Columbia 6/16/18
To achieve ongoing revitalization in Philmont, we rely on community support to match the grants we bring into the village supporting PBI's four program areas dedicated to revitalization.
Please consider making your community match contribution today. Every $penny counts as a vital part of the whole. Every donation will receive a tax-deduction letter from our organization acknowledging your contribution.
Please consider expressing your support for continued revitalization!