A Message From Lucinda Dohanian, Executive Director
The changing leaves won’t be the only beautiful thing to look at this fall season; Laurelmead is undergoing its own autumnal transformation. Now that we have a brand-new roof, other improvement projects are underway including repainting all the apartment terraces and balconies. We’re throwing a big party to “christen” the new gazebo we installed by the resident gardens.
And, of course, with the help of dozens of freshly planted mums, our stunning grounds are popping with vibrant, autumn color. If you’d like to see for yourself, stop by for a visit. We’re always delighted to welcome new people into our friendly community. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.
Committee Elections
One of the unique aspects of living at Laurelmead is that it is a cooperative. This means that Laurelmead is a business, owned and operated by and for the benefit of its residents. Every October members are elected to serve a two-year term on a variety of committees. This Tuesday a “Learn About the Committees” event, with wine and cheese, was held. Representatives from each committee (Activities, Building & Grounds, Health and Fitness, Marketing, Dining, and Budget & Finance) were available in the Great Room to answer questions and encourage residents to become active in either an area that relates to their area of business, expertise, or general interest. Each committee has from five to twelve members. If you’ve been a committee member for at least a year you are then eligible to run for the Board of Directors.
Making Arrangements
Susan Kinloch moved from California to Laurelmead about a year and a half ago. She has two grandsons here, aged 6 and 9, and wanted to be closer to them. She herself grew up in a family that, among other things, loved gardening. But it was her regular visits to the swank Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley that opened her eyes to a concept in floral arrangement that has stayed with her all these years. Each time she ate there she was aware of a new arrangement, but Susan realized that what they bore in common was that they were “wild and different” from the more traditional arrangements she was accustomed to seeing.

Laurelmead had an arrangement with a florist to change the centerpiece in the main lobby on a monthly basis. When Susan realized that, basically, we all were paying for this fee (we are a coop after all!) she offered to take on the task. And all of a sudden the centerpieces became wild and different - and noteworthy!

Using flowers and greenery from the resident gardens and Laurelmead’s 45 acres of natural landscape, from month to month, no two arrangements are the same. The arrangements are, as Susan says, “at the moment.” They follow the natural rhythm of the growing cycle. Thank you Susan for making the lobby of our bloomin’ home just that!
Laurelmead on TV
Take a look at our latest web video and let us know what you think!
For additional information or to schedule a tour please call Claudia Duarte at 401-273-9586.