A Message From Lucinda Dohanian, Executive Director
“Summer time, and the livin’ is easy…”

The other day I was chatting with a group of residents, and I asked them if they had any vacation plans. One of them answered with a chuckle, “Honey, I’ve been on vacation ever since I moved to Laurelmead.” She pointed out the beautifully landscaped grounds she walks every day; the heated, indoor pool she loves to swim in; the sunny pool patio where she often reads; and the delicious meals she enjoys without the cooking or the clean-up.

Another resident went on to point out the concerts, museum trips, live theater, shopping and other activities and entertainment that are offered on a daily basis. “It’s like living on a fabulous cruise ship without the sea-sickness.” So, you heard it here, folks: Laurelmead is the ultimate “stay-cation”!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me here . I look forward to hearing from you.
Homer Comes Home
Submitted by Nicky Nichtern
Jane Roberts recently moved to Laurelmead. Among the belongings she brought with her is this Winslow Homer print entitled Northeaster. It’s not the first time this painting has graced the walls at Laurelmead. Jane’s parents, Charles and Lisett Tillinghast, were among the first residents at Laurelmead - her mother living here until 2002, and Northeaster hung on their living room wall.
Jane has most generously donated the painting to Laurelmead and it has been placed on the wall of the Card Room for all to see and enjoy.
Several other Homer prints can be found in the hallways of Laurelmead. In fact three will be featured in the upcoming Art Show, curated by Laurelmead resident Judith Spindell. The title of the show: See the Sea.
70, 60, 50...
Submitted by Joan O'Brien
Gloria Winston graduated from Pembroke College in 1948 when it was the Women’s College of Brown University. When asked about her recent 70th reunion she said, “As the Class of 1948 Marshall, I was thrilled to march down College Hill and hear all those shouting voices and see thousands of happy faces. 
Bob Wood was there that day too.“My 60th reunion was a great opportunity for me to see classmates who are still a part of my life and also to reconnect with the wonderful ‘Brown Experience’.

The weekend marked the 50th anniversary for Deb Mulcare. Deb went on to work at Brown for 21 years, initially in the Bio Medical Department.
Indeed a very special weekend for three decades of Brown graduates living here at Laurelmead!
Laurelmead on TV
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