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Join The Lava Corps as we taste and toast 
to a strong Grand Opening

Friday, September 7th
Amy Flatten @ Art Barre 5-6 pm
Burlesque Workshop 6-7 pm
DJ Dance Party w/Sips and Dips @ Northside Social 6-9 pm

Share in the launch of our art gallery and experience a burlesque pussycat dolls workshop at Lava Barre. Then, mingle with the Lava Corps as we celebrate the summer, tight bums, and FUN with our DJ @ Northside Social Coffee and Wine!!

The party is free, but if you choose to donate, we will be supporting Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment!

Feathers optional, FUN is not!
Vanessa and Lauren

3260 Wilson Blvd 2nd Floor
Arlington, Virginia 22201
(571) 483-0468
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