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April 2016
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President's Message   
Why should a little rain stop a good party? The problem was, it wasn't just a little bit rain but a torrential downpour and tornado warning that tried to put a damper on our recent LFVA event at the Pepco Gallery in DC. Once again, we proved it's hard to stop good friends from getting together to enjoy each other's company and view some fantastic art as a bonus!
Stacy Fischbach, Kevin Ward and the entire Events Committee put on a terrific party at a venue most of us have never visited. This was Stacy's first event as Committee Chair and I want to congratulate her on a wonderful evening. Her team not only coordinated the food, live music and all of the other details, but also introduced us to a group of artists most of us have never been exposed to. As past Chair of this committee, I know how much Kevin does behind the scenes, and I can't thank him enough for the attention he puts into all the details. Great job and a great event!
As I have mentioned before, the past Presidents have done a tremendous job in carrying out the mission of our group. I think back to almost 13 years ago when Gil Carpel got a few of us together to discuss the concept of LFVA. His idea, which turned out to be our mission, was to organize a few companies who are leaders in their industry to give back to and support the legal community which has given so much to us. As a group, we try to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where members of both the legal and vendor communities can interact in a relaxed environment. Our mission, going back 13 years, can be simplified into a simple statement: thank you. Our past Presidents have done a terrific job of supporting that mission.
I look forward to my term as President of such a great organization. It is an honor to be associated with such an outstanding group of people. We all recognize that our companies would not be where they are today without your support. We thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at our next event!


Mark your calendars for upcoming ALA events!
Finance Section Meeting
April 19, 2016
Finance round table and section kickoff. Additional details to follow.
Diversity & Inclusion Meeting
April 19, 2016
Since strategy planning is a "living" business process, both experienced and novice D&I professionals can benefit from the approaches offered. Employing a highly interactive format, we will review a) practices that are working at other legal and business environments, b) best-in-class methodologies for programmatic design and business decision-making and c) simulation of real-world tactics that produce results. Each participant will leave with valuable tools to guide the strategic planning process.
Human Resources Section Meeting
April 20, 2016
12:30 PM
Guest Speaker Leigh Isaacs with Estrin Legal will present on Recordkeeping - What to Keep and For How Long.
Teams that Work ... Build Rapport, Relationships and Connect
April 28, 2016
11:45 am - 2:00 pm
Mayer Brown
Good interpersonal skills and building positive connections with both colleagues and clients are the foundation for everything we do. In fact according to a study by Harvard and Stanford University only 15% of your success in your profession in respect to improving teamwork, getting things done and promoting a positive and productive work environment will be due to your technical skills and 85% will depend on your communication, emotional intelligence, people skills and your ability to get along. 
Presenter - Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP
Quarterly Networking Lunch
May 5, 2016
11:45 am - 1:30 pm
W Hotel 
ALA's 2016 Annual Conference and Expo
May 22 - 25, 2016
Los Angeles Convention Center


LFVA Newsletter Committee  
Meghan Dunn, ADC Corp.

David Noel, MOI, Inc.
Debbie Sachs, MOI, Inc. 
Matt Vester, HITT Contracting, Inc.

LFVA 2016 Kickoff:
Celebrating Carnaval & The Arts

As a departure from the typical LFVA event, we hosted our February event at Pepco Edison Place Art Gallery in downtown Washington, DC.   
Despite tornado-like winds and torrential rain, we had a wonderful turnout, including many of the artists who were on display at the gallery. The exhibit, titled "Carnaval: Celebration of the African Diaspora," featured a diverse selection of artwork, prints and photography from over 80 artists, many of them local. It was all about joy and celebration. Adding to that sentiment was live jazz music provided by the band DownTyme and great refreshments from Geppettos.      
We also decided to make this event memorable by donating three pieces of artwork to three of our lucky guests. As always, the LFVA would like to thank all of our guests who braved the severe weather conditions to attend our event. We appreciate all of you and look forward to next time!

L to R: Rachel Ball/Hunton & Williams, LLP; Nic Samodurov/Keno Kozie Associates, Inc.; T.J. Whelan/Keller & Heckman, LLP
L to R: Becky Robinson/Morgan Lewis; Lucius Jackson/Venable, LLP
L to R: Steve Martin/Gensler; Sabine Curto/Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
L to R: Jim Durfee/Office Movers, Inc.; Emily Christianson/Relman, Dane & Colfax; Julie Tomey/Weiner Brodsky Sidman Kider, PC
L to R: Nancy Kronstadt/Epstein Becker & Green; Jim Durfee/Office Movers, Inc.; Ann Malhotra/ADC Corp.; Elaine Gregg/Lowenstein Sandler, LLP; Arthur Ott/Gensler
L to R: Perry Dyck/Pillsbury; Becky Robinson/Morgan Lewis; Stewart Thomas/Sidley & Austin, LLP


L to R: Amanda Galich;Hunton & Williams, LLP; Jeff Cole/Squire Patton Boggs; Elaine Gregg/Lowenstein Sandler, LLP


L to R: Beth Munro/Arent Fox, LLP; Katrina DeLawter/Arent Fox, LLP; Saishree Shetty/Arent Fox, LLP


L to R: Craig Church/Millers Supplies at Work; Elaine Gregg/Lowenstein Sandler, LLP
LFVA Member Spotlight
For three decades, Gensler has earned the reputation of setting and maintaining the standard of excellence and efficiency in law office design.
The practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation. We anticipate the law office of the future to be smaller, more flexible, more collaborative, more client-focused, and more technology enabled-employing workplace qualities many associate with business or management consulting firms today. Yet we also know that lawyers will continue to have workplace needs specific to their profession and tasks. An exploration of progressive workplace strategies through the lens of legal work today is necessary to create future work environments that continue to support legal work while adapting to new realities of the profession and market.
At the 2014 ALA Convention in Toronto, Gensler showcased an exhibition to envision and bring to life the law firm of the future. The 5,000 SF space was designed to showcase key elements of the law firm of the future, including space design and technology solutions across a range of small vignettes occupying the space. Open office layouts, telepresence and conference rooms featuring mobile technologies on touch screens of all sizes, and new furniture prototypes were all on display. With over 650 visitors touring the exhibition over two days, there is no doubt the law firm of the future is one of the most critical topics facing the legal industry today. As an ongoing resource to the legal community, Gensler created a website-www.redesign-law.com - including the latest trends, animations, and video testimonials from managing partners and administrators.
Gensler's Legal and Professional Services Firms practice area designed and built a "legal innovation lab" in partnership with the ALA and leading technology, software, and furniture manufacturers. The lab was comprised of a series of vignettes used to share and test ideas for the future legal workplace. We developed the strategies and design solutions showcased in this exhibit based on the findings of our prior research into the legal workplace. At the end of the exhibit, we gave the 600+ attendees an exit survey, and analyzed the results of over 250 survey responses on the current state of the legal workplace as well as their firms' openness to change. Three in four survey respondents noted significant openness to change, underscoring that dramatic shifts will continue in the legal workplace. Our findings suggest that as law firms increasingly embrace alternative workplace strategies, their focus will be on those that help them maximize space efficiency while also improving the workplace experience. To learn more about our research, go to www.gensler.com/design-thinking/research/legal-innovation-lab.