Volume 02 | February 11, 2021
25 Years of Service
Therese Yanan, Attorney at Law
Executive Director
2020 brought many challenges, cancellations and the need to shift the way we do our work. The staff at the Native America Disability Law Center decided not to cancel a gift for the Executive Director, Therese Yanan. We celebrate 25 years of service with Therese always at the lead.

In early summer of 2020, the staff and Board members put on their creative hats and began working independently on quilt squares to be sewn together by the end of the year as a surprise gift. Therese’s mother and two sisters (all gifted quilters) were brought into the process. The result, after opening the quilt during a Zoom meeting, was a rare occurrence – we witnessed our E.D. without words (just for 30 seconds or so).
Indian Health Service publishes Crisis Standards of Care
In April 2020, disability rights advocates approached the Indian Health Service about the publication of Crisis Standards of Care that were fair and followed the law by protecting people with disabilities and the elderly from discrimination. The Native American Disability Law Center, Disability Rights New Mexico, and the Arizona Center for Disability Law made a complaint on July 28, 2020 alleging that the Indian Health Service did not have published standards of care that fulfilled the requirements of civil rights laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities. 

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Fast Holiday Teamwork is a Win
In a collaborative effort with several Navajo Nation healthcare providers, an individual with a serious mental illness was placed in a safe group home of his choice in Arizona. In a process that usually takes weeks or months, this emergency situation was handled in three work days; beginning with a weekend text to an advocate at Law Center. The client was in a residential treatment facility on the Navajo Nation until it closed. The client moved in with a family member with no appropriate support or services readily available to care for his needs. Led by the client’s desire and the family’s request for group home placement, the Law Center worked with Indian Health Services, Navajo Nation Department of Mental/Behavioral Health Services and Navajo Nation Law Enforcement to ensure the client’s safety. Many thanks to all who stepped up to make this happen!
Total Number of Clients Served
FY2020 (October 1- September 30, 2020)
The Law Center has assisted 552 Clients and 576 Issues/matters
Job Opening
Advocate Position The Native American Disability Law Center (Law Center) is looking for qualified applicants for an Advocate position. The Law Center is a private non-profit organization that provides legal services to Native Americans with disabilities living on or near the Navajo and Hopi reservations. The Law Center is committed to ensuring that Native Americans with disabilities have access to justice and are empowered and equal members of their communities.
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