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April 2020 | Law Firm Vendors Association
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President's Message

Normally this time of year I would be writing my message reflecting on the LFVA Spring Event.  We had been planning a speaker event that was to be given by an individual that had overcome multiple personal challenges that we hoped would be inspirational to us all.  Unfortunately, these aren’t normal times. The Corvid-19 virus, has turned everyone’s life, business and routine upside down.  In response to t he crisis we all face, the LFVA will not be hosting a Spring event but we are hoping to get back on schedule with an event this fall.
The one thing I believe people enjoy most about our events is the sense of fellowship we all share.  Many of us have been associated with the legal community for decades and the LFVA events give us the opportunity to reconnect with friends over cocktails and conversation, that our busy schedules normally don’t allow. I look forward to the Fall and being able to have those conversations again.
In this newsletter, several of our members have written articles about services and suggestions and how their firms are working thorough the pandemic (see below) . Please take a moment to read through these as there are some good tips that might help make your job easier!
On behalf of the entire LFVA, we hope you and your family are able to stay healthy as we manage through this crisis. We will get through this, maybe with a new “normal” but we will get through. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the Fall event and have a safe Spring and Summer!
Member Services
With the uncertain world that we currently live in and cleanliness/ sanitization being at the forefront of everyone's minds, there are precautions that can be taken to alleviate anxiety upon returning to office environments.  
We at ADC are recommending that everyone have a thorough, detailed cleaning prior to reopening offices and other places of business. This would include cleaning and sanitizing carpet and hard surfaces that are considered 'high touch' such as door knobs, desk and table tops, chair arms, etc. 
We use an EPA approved disinfectant to sanitize treated surfaces. For more information on how we can help you prepare to return to your office, please contact either Meghan Dunn at
[email protected]  or Ann Malhotra at  [email protected]
With the unfolding global pandemic, this crisis is causing everyone to rethink how to prepare for the uncertainty ahead. The impact on the global economy has forced organizations in every industry— including our own—to flex and evolve, both in real-time and in the long-term.
In this time of flux, here are a few Gensler resources as you prepare for the new realities in a post-COVID world.
In a matter of weeks, this public health crisis has drastically changed the way we work. It has forced us to embrace a new reality rooted in working from home and virtual interactions with our clients and colleagues. According to Gensler Research Institute , a well-designed workplace is still the place that people want to be. Gensler’s Workplace Leaders are hosting webinars to clients and companies on how to apply the best practices of the corporate workplace to create a great workplace at home.
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Gensler's Dialogue Page offers a collection of tips, thoughts, and strategies on how design can play a role in making the world a healthier place. Be sure to check out Gensler’s Global Workplace Leader Janet Pogue’s post, " What Happens When We Return to the Workplace? " which was referenced in a New York Times article on the future of the workplace in the wake of COVID- 19.
To learn more about these tools and resources please contact [email protected]
Hilltop has been busy helping clients work more efficiently and securely from home. There are several small, yet important steps your firm should consider taking during these uncertain times.
·        Video Conferencing, Chat, and Screensharing:  If your firm uses O365, your license likely already includes Teams. Teams can be used for chat, video conferencing, screensharing, document collaboration, voice calls and much more. The set up and roll out can be completed quickly. Hilltop has been using Teams (formerly Skype for Business) to communicate internally for several years and it’s extremely user friendly and simple to learn.
·        Multi-Factor Authentication:  All firms should have MFA enabled. If you do not, you are putting your firm at a great security risk. In particular with personal devices and workstations.
·        Remote Server & Terminal Server Upgrades:  If you are experiencing latency while working remotely, your terminal server may need to be upgraded or expanded. The server was likely not built to accommodate all of your staff to work remotely.
·        Firewall Security Upgrades:  Your firewall must have the latest firmware installed to increase security and reliability. Hilltop would recommend you update your Firewall firmware. Hilltop can do this work remotely with minimal interruption to the firm.  www.hilltopconsultants.com
JK is in the transportation industry, and as such, considered an “essential business” in the DC metro area. To help businesses fight COVID-19, we offer  logistic and distribution services  for a wide range of needs. For example, we:
  • Deliver and store medical supplies and equipment for hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • Set up and install furniture for temporary medical units. For example, in recreational, community centers, schools and college dorms.
  • Support local universities and boarding schools. We are provide packing, shipping and storing of student dorm belongings.
  • Help the food insecure. We deliver pallets of non-perishable items to food banks and grocery/retail stores.
For more information please visit www.jkmoving.com
Over the course of the last month here at Kastle we have had an influx of interest in how to use physical security systems creatively during these unusual times.   The things we have been doing to help our clients apply to all businesses who have any type of physical security and are especially critical to firms like law practices who operate multiple offices.  Here’s a quick hit list to think about:
-         Clean Up and Admin : This is the time to focus on data hygiene reviewing things like authorizer lists, unused card reports and access profiles to make sure that your security system is 100% up to date.
-         Revamping Procedures :  Because spaces are mostly empty, we’re helping our clients by tightening things like call out procedures and door lock schedules to more closely match today’s operating environment.
-         Providing Occupancy Reports:  There is unique data in a physical security system that can be used to monitor adherence to corporate, municipal or state mandated stay at home orders and to inform executive teams.
-         Active Directory Syncing:   We provide a service called IdentityConnect which connects a business’ HR employee database with our physical security platform and keeps them in sync.  As businesses anticipate tough staffing decisions due to economic downturn this service is gaining attention. ( https://www.kastle.com/solutions/integrated-identity-management/ )
Additionally, physical security companies have been classified as essential, so we are still able to complete installs.  Consequently, we’ve had numerous requests to add cameras / video surveillance for clients who previously only had access control with Kastle.   Even just adding one or two cameras to a site, when they can be accessed remotely, provides significant additional peace of mind for managers working from home.   
Almost 50 years of innovation in physical security allows us to creatively help in these troubling times.  Whether you are an existing Kastle client or just want some security advice, we’re here to help.   See more here ( https://www.kastle.com/solutions/video-surveillance/ ).
In this ever-changing state of affairs that COVID-19 has brought upon us, the team at Legal Placements, Inc .(LPI) has continued to source candidates and conduct Skype interviews with candidates. We are continuing to build our pool of talent to respond to the current direct hire staffing needs of our clients.  Presently we also have provided temporary staff that are able to work remotely to provide support for our clients as well.
Once things settle down and firm assess their staffing needs and turn their attention back to recruitment, LPI remains ready and committed to provide outstanding service for temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire positions.
March 19 th  was a big day for most of us.  That was the day when many of our clients started working from home and stopped going to the office. We quickly received good news that we were deemed essential so we started to look at what changes we need to make during these extraordinary times.  Here is a quick update on our services:
·        Home Deliverie s – Historically we’ve made deliveries to commercial offices only but we quickly realized we need to change that.  We now have home delivery options through our customer service team and also through our website. There are many ways to do this including ways to make sure you get to approve any home delivery before it occurs!  We’re making sure that you are in control of who gets what items.
·        Touchless Deliveries – Certainly the health of our staff and yours is what is most important.  With that in mind we’re limiting where product can be delivered and for home deliveries, product is dropped off at the front door.  We’re also no longer requiring signatures for deliveries, or staff is taking pictures of deliveries instead!
·        Product Availabilit y – Like most companies, we’ve been challenged with getting those hard to get items.  Fortunately, our purchasing staff has been able to source many of those items.  Inventory is sporadic but please reach out to your sales reps and they can walk you through the inventory we have.  While we might not always be able to get you the wipes, we have had good success in obtaining paper goods, gloves, water and various sanitizers.  These items are also available for home delivery.
We will continue to change and adapt during these unprecedented times. Please let us know how we can help!  www.millersatwork.com
Challenges/NOS Approach
How can NOS assist your firm to be more efficient and productive by imaging critical documents during COVID-19?
NOS-National Office Systems has the depth of experience and a strong commitment to the law firm community. We are open during this challenging time and are dedicated to providing customer service. We can simplify the imaging process and help you achieve all the benefits of digitizing your records.  Our facilities are HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley certified, and our imaging services are NARA compliant.
Over the course of the last few weeks, NOS has heard from many of our law firm clients that are working from home and need immediate access to documents because of active cases or ongoing class action lawsuits:
·       NOS can digitize, index, and OCR these documents and upload to a shared drive or internal file sharing application utilized by the law firm
·       NOS can work with the courier or the law firm’s office services team to pickup the files or take delivery of the files that need to be scanned
·       NOS can provide same day access to the digital documents to assigned users as well as file encryption to protect these scanned documents
·       NOS can temporarily store the hard copy files and can either return them when the offices re-open or send out for destruction after the digital files have been reviewed and uploaded to the firm’s content management system
·       The benefits of this include increased security, efficient access for remote working, audit compliance, and day to day record retrieval.
·       We can work with the needs of your firm and tailor an immediate and effective solution so you can continue to work remotely.
For more information on how NOS can help you with going digital today. Contact Joe Alvarez at  [email protected] , 301.440.7369.   www.nosinc.com