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Law Rocks Los Angeles
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Law Rocks Los Angeles!

Buy tickets or donate now to Law Rocks Los Angeles, where the band  MSKROQ of the 80's 
will compete on March 18 to benefit MHAS. 

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Andrew Spitser, MSKROQ of the 80's

Come out the legendary Whisky a Go Go 
to enjoy this exciting battle of the bands featuring legal professionals as they compete for charity. MSKROQ of the 80's promises to transport you back to the days of Richard Blade, big hair and Madonna gloves, and you'll have a great time while supporting MHAS and other great causes.

Mental Health Advocacy Services

The mission of  Mental Health Advocacy Services  ( MHAS) is to protect and advance the legal rights of children and adults with mental disabilities, in order to maximize autonomy, promote equality, and secure the resources needed to thrive in the community. MHAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation providing  free legal services to approximately 3,000 low-income adults and children annually, with an emphasis on obtaining government benefits and services, protecting rights and fighting discrimination. MHAS also serves as a resource to the community by providing training and technical assistance to attorneys, mental health professionals, consumer and family member groups, and other advocates. In addition, MHAS participates in impact litigation in an effort to improve the lives of people with mental disabilities.

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