6th Sense
Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line? Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary.

April 28 - Home Clearing - Shiva

Do you sometimes feel and unwanted presence in your home, like there is a malevolent energy or an unwanted guest? Yet you know that you are alone in the house. Sometimes when moving to a new home or after a breakup your space just feels stale or even uncomfortable. Shiva will address some cures which are easily done with few supplies and little effort,

$20 Drop-in Admit 2 for the Price of One for First Timers
We are not offering Skype or Zoom for this group at this time.

Month of May
Trey is facilitating the 6th Sense due to Shiva being on Sabbatical
May 5-Crystal Grids
May 12 - Unlocking the Chakras
May 19 - Candle Magic
May 26 - Ancestral Magic

Healing Arts Practitioner
Empathic Meduim
Tarot Oracle Reader
Reiki Energy Crystal Sound Healing
Yoga and Meditation

Max is an intuitive empathic medium whose gifts were awakened by transformation and personal healing. She works with her guides to assist you with clear answers. The reading will give you insight on the guidance you seek, wisdom from higher realms, and practical ways to navigate. Max's uses her background of Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Spirituality, Meditation, Law of Attraction and years of other training in the metaphysical/occult realm to interpret life energy through the reading. Intuitive Medium and Channel.
MAXINE is available Sunday - Wednesday (also Thursday this week only) by appointment, or just drop in!


Andrea Bagby is the organizer of this group and it is led by her and one of her Metaphysically trained instructors weekly.
Fulfill your manifestations with grace and ease. All are invited to attend. One hour of instruction in the following areas 1. Body fluidity, 2. Connecting your conscious and subconscious via stretching and breathing 3. Chakra awareness and connection 4. Third eye activation 5. Small class for more individualized guidance 6. Intuition guidance 7. Metaphysical coaching
7:00 - 8 PM




Andrea Bagby

What would you create if you had full control of your life? Remove the chaos and crisis management elements to design a world that is free for dreams come true. We will, together, investigate the roots of the chaos in our lives and explore ways jettison limiting or defeating patterns to carve out a space to create a life of happiness and fulfillment. This group will meet weekly for 6 weeks. 7:30 9:30 PM $200 Pre-registration Required.


Valerie Que

It’s a challenge sometimes to find the common link for the cards that make the reading not only interesting but helpful to the seeker. Card Combinations can be helpful in making a good reading a great reading as they can show challenges and benefits that may not be easily recognizable in the standard card and position reading. In this workshop, we will explore card combinations in view of contrasting/enhancing cards, suits, numbers, majors, court cards, and colors. 10 AM - 1 PM $75 + $10 Materials. Please Pre-register by 4/18
Psychic Fair Wants YOU!
Sunday, May 23

New Talent Psychic Fair
Noon to 7 PM

Now accepting new readers for the New Talent fair. If you would like to join our group at our regular monthly fairs, this is the time! Whether you are a seasoned professional who has just moved to the area or who is looking for a change or if you have just decided to go public with your skills, this may be exactly what you've been looking for.
Orientation is Friday, May 14, 6 PM Please RSVP.

RSVP to info@theinnerspace.com with a brief bio with a little about yourself describing the modality you will be using at the fair. 40 words maximum. Thanks
Want a Great Reading for
ONLY $10
Participate as a client! No appointment necessary. All we ask is that you get a reading and give us an evaluation of your reader (s).


Sharon Reynolds

Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Their dynamic vibrations have a profound effect on our lives.This class covers what Numerology is, what its uses are, how to apply it to your life, and how it works as a tool for self-empowerment. Come and learn simple calculations that identify and give insights into your life purpose, your gifts, talents, as well as the challenges in your life. 1- 5 PM $75 Pre-Registration required.

Saturday, May 29


Scott Robinson
Theosophy is a system of study and belief that the innate qualities and characteristics of Divinity can be known and experienced. Our Souls evolve and move towards a return to oneness. This process is brought about by the gaining of experience through reincarnation. The ascended masters that we hear of today, such as the Comte De Saint Germaine, Jesus, Mother Mary, Koot Hoomi, Gautamano Buddha , Roger Bacon, Mary of Nada and many others can be looked to for guidance and an examination of their various lifetimes is quite illuminating. In this class we will trace the origins of Rebirth, and gain insight into our own past lives. Where we have been, where we are now and where we are going. 1- 5 PM $75 Pre-Registration required.

(2nd & 4th Tuesday Monthly)
Law of Attraction Meetup
Anna is our Anchor
7:30 - 9 PM, All Are Welcome!
 Minimum Donation $10 Thank You
Every Wednesday
Hosted by Madison
7:30 PM $20 - January special 2 for One or Drop-in Skype in for half price (Requires a 24 hour advance notice)
Check the Web Site for
weekly topics
Spiritual Yoga for Everybody
with Andrea
On Sabbatical!
Astro Forecast April 25 - May 2
The Moon is square Pluto shortly after sunrise. We may wake up feeling a bit out of control, or under the control of others.This is exacerbated by the energy of the full Moon. The Moon is trine Jupiter mid morning and trine Mars med afternoon. Energy levels are high, There is opportunity for expansion or a stroke of luck with the Jupiter aspect, but Mars steps in with some agitation. Try not to be annoyed or angry. The Full Moon is a super Moon, meaning it is closer to the earth so we feel it's influence more strongly than ordinary full moons. It is called a pink Moon, due to its pinkish cast caused by the way the light filters through our atmosphere.
Tuesday Pluto turns retrograde, some might think this lessens its effects, oh but no! We get to review the Plutonian issues of the first half of the year during this second half of 2021. This 260 days may bring up inner transformation, but accompanying it is likely to be worry. This is a period in which people tend to misunderstand the motives of others. Don't allow this to create a crisis in your life, rather use this time to go within and review what needs to be changed on the inner planes.The Moon moves into Pluto's sign Scorpio shortly after noon. Emotions often intensify with this lunar placement.
The Moon is opposite Uranus in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday.Sleep is illusive. A lunar square to Saturn this morning may bring about tiredness, melancholia or problems associated with elders or those in authority. This afternoon the mood improves with a lunar opposition to Venus and then Mercury. Love, finances and communication are more readily available. Tonight the Moon is trine Neptune. It's time to make up for the lost sleep from the morning.
Talk about intense, the Scorpio Moon is sextile Pluto just at daybreak Wednesday. This is intensified mid morning by a lunar trine to Jupiter. Thankfully this Moon moves over to Sagittarius in the late morning before making a minor aspect with Mars in the late afternoon. Sagittarius is more likely to have a brief explosion, then it's over. Sagg is more happy-go-lucky and irritations roll off more easily.
Thursday is action packed with a lunar aspect to Uranus in the early morning hours then sextile to Saturn mid morning. The early morning stress lightens up and it's easier to communicate with elders or superiors. Mercury is sextile Neptune today. Psychic abilities are strong, but with a lunar square to Neptune and quincunx to Mercury tonight, deception is strong also. Be careful of those rose colored glasses and silver tongued devils.
A lunar sextile to Jupiter in the late morning coupled with the Sun conjunct Uranus just might be the perfect time to play the lottery! This is an easy come - easy go kind of energy, so don't gamble more than you can afford to lose. It's a great time to express your freedom , but the afternoon becomes more serious. The Moon is opposite Mars tonight. This can stir passions, both romantic and temperamental.
Saturday is Beltane, the traditional day of coupling in the pagan religions. It is symbolic of fertility and the full bloom of spring in the northern hemisphere. The Mon is trine Uranus and the Sun. Time to let your hair down, dance, make merry!
Sunday morning in the wee hours, the Moon is trine Venus then Neptune. This is symbolic of romantic love. (even thought the Moon is now in Capricorn which is considered stern, old Cap can have a bit of a sexy side. Mercury is trine Pluto today. It's a good time to get to the bottom of things, Talk therapy is favored. By late morning the Moon is trine Mercury further encouraging deep conversations. Venus is sextile Neptune tonight. This is beautiful aspect for romantic love, but again, be careful. Neptune can create illusions.

Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlantian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, Tarot, world religion and spiritual business classes. She is a practicing Tarot reader & astrologer. Dr. Henderson is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia.
For information on classes or to schedule an appointment, call 404-252-4540.