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Blizzard Condtions Overtake
    the Area!

     Blizzard conditions have gripped southern New England since Thanksgiving! 
No, not the typical cold, white, flaky stuff - but the emergence of Winter Moth.
     The moths appearing now are the same ones who gorged themselves on our trees last spring.  The adult winter moths emerged from the ground in late November.  The males are the only ones able to fly; the females climb to the base of trees or buildings and attract the males through the pheromone that they exude.  After mating the female will lay a cluster of approximately 150 eggs under tree bark or in crevices, and then her life is over. 
            Next spring, these eggs will hatch into those smooth green inchworm that create defoliation as they work their way into the tree buds and leaves to feed. 
            What can you do to combat this invasive species?  Timing is everything!  Make sure you have Requested & Approved Foliar Spraying for Winter Moth and Gypsy Moths on your upcoming 2017 Renewal.   Your trees cannot withstand another infestation like last spring - contact us today if you need an appraisal!

Winter Is a Great Time to 
           Prune Trees

     Tree pruning provides a variety of benefits to your trees and landscape.  In addition to improving their appearance, trimmed trees will be safer and healthier.  Pruning promotes plant health by removing dead or dying branches that have previously been injured by disease, insects, mites, animals, storms or people.
Tree pruning can be done at any time of the year; however, recommended times vary depending on the species.  In general, the best time to prune most plants is during late winter.

1.    Better access

The frozen ground gives access to areas that we would otherwise not be able to reach.

2.    Better visibility

Without foliage to obstruct views, structural problems are more visible, making it easier to make pruning decisions.  This also reduces damage to under story plants such as perennials and annuals.

3.    Between growing seasons

Plants are dormant during winter.  Which means fresh wounds will only be exposed for a very short length of time - just until the spring when new growth begins sealing new wounds.

4.    Convenience

On the practical side, it is easy for a homeowner to be inundated with outdoor projects in the spring and summer.  So, why not reserve tree trimming for winter?

................The Office Corner

Renewals are coming....Renewals are coming!            
Watch your your mailbox - your 2017 Maintenance Renewal is coming soon !  Now, is the time to think about your services from last year - do you want to adjust your mowing schedule from bi-weekly to weekly?, do you want to add a spring clean-up?, would you like us to take care of your irrigation system for you?  Have questions?  Have ideas?  - Give us a call, send us an email, we will be here all winter to help you!

Just a reminder - It's the end of the year... time to take care of any outstanding invoices -
need copies, have any questions - give us a call.

Did you know - you can pay your bill online!  You will need your user ID and password which were listed on your renewal / estimate.....OR, just call the office and we can help you.  

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