November 2016

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Lawns on the Rebound!

by Stephen

             I'm sure I sounded like a broken record this summer as I answered questions from customers regarding the, less than desirable, condition of their lawn. The unusually long period of hot, dry weather was causing many lawns to burn out or go into drought induced dormancy and no matter what we did; increased watering; fertilizing or praying wasn't having a positive impact.
            So why did this happen? Short answer - the perfect summer for beaching and boating is not likely to be great for your landscape. Starting in early June we had three straight months of sun and 85 degree temperatures with barely a cloudy day, never mind a significant rain storm. Great conditions for fun on the water but even with an automatic irrigation system, your lawn and landscape plants are going to struggle to thrive. All I could say was - please be patient and wait for the end of the summer when the weather would cool, hopefully it will rain and we can begin to get your lawn back to looking great again.
           2016 was the third driest summer on record for Cape Cod. It wasn't until the end of September that the Cape finally moved from a "severe" drought status to a "moderate" drought status. 
          Fast forward to late October and I'm happy to report that our patience has been rewarded; lawns have rebounded beautifully. Some lawns bounced back nicely without extra effort, but most needed some assistance in the form of aeration and seeding. Customers who received these beneficial lawn treatments were thrilled at how well their lawns responded.  When done right, treatment such as two-way aeration, over-seeding with a slice seeder, topdressing with compost for added organic matter and fertilizing works wonders to re-establish and revitalize your lawn. 
            We refer to the process of aeration, over-seeding and topdressing with compost as beneficial service because we believe that is the best way to describe the results. Just as routine fertilization and weed management are part of a complete lawn care program; so too are aeration, over-seeding and liming all vital ingredients to any lawn care program designed to give you a healthy, attractive and durable lawn. 

Be honest....
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Fall cleanups   ~ are important because it will save time for gardening come spring, and clearing your lawn of leaves and sticks will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Dark, moist environments are breeding grounds for disease.
Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning ~  Overgrown shrubs positioned close to the house could be allowing excess moisture to collect - causing wood rot and mildew problems.  Overgrown shrubs are also more susceptible to snow and ice damage.

Meet our Two Work Study Students

Hoxie Landscape is proud to partner with Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School, in Bourne to mentor students from their Horticulture & Landscape Contracting program.  This program is designed to prepare students for the many career opportunities within the horticulture industry. Students develop skills in Arboriculture, Floriculture, Turf Management, Power Equipment and Irrigation Technologies, Heavy Equipment Operations, and Landscape Design, Maintenance and Construction. Students can specialize in Landscape Management, Landscape Construction, Athletic and Golf Turf Management, Horticultural Business Management, Floral Design and Arboriculture.

Cory Sullivan - Left ~ enjoys working outdoors and learning landscaping tips from the regular crew members.  Cory plays soccer for the UCT team and also holds down another part-time job at Target!  Cory has enlisted in the U.S. Army and will be joining them after graduation.
Miles Campinha - Right ~chose Horticulture because he loves being outdoors!  He enjoys doing something different every day and making things look more beautiful.  In his spare time he likes to ride dirt bikes and motorcycles.  During the winter he is an avid snowmobiler.  After graduation, Miles will continue his horticultural studies at Bob Hoxie's alma mater, The Stockbridge School of Agriculture.      


Hoxie Landscape will be closed 
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We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  
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