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Fall for Lawn Aeration and Renovation

A healthy established lawn is able to out-compete many weeds and withstand a certain amount of pressure from disease and insect attack as well as drought. You can help maintain a healthy lawn with proper maintenance practices such as fertilizing, liming, watering, and mowing. However, to help insure good looking turf next year we strongly recommend you have your lawn aerated every fall. Aeration is quick and easy and requires no special work on your part but the benefits for your lawn are significant and long lasting.

Below is a brief description of all the beneficial lawn services we offer and why they are helpful in maintaining a trouble free lawn.
Aeration /Over-seeding/Lawn Renovation
Even if your lawn looks great right now - Fall is the time to aerate.  The small holes created in the soil by the aeration process will relieve compaction, improve water and nutrient penetration, and encourage root growth. If your lawn is showing signs of stress and fatigue you should consider more aggressive repair procedures such as over-seeding, partial or complete renovation.
Over-seeding with the proper seed type for the specific growing conditions of your lawn will make a big difference in how your grass looks next year.  Generally, the better the conditions for seeding (soil type, seedbed, time of year) the less seed will be required!   The late summer and early fall period is the preferred period for turf grass establishment because of the warm soils that promote rapid germination and turf grass development, the long favorable period for growth (2 to 3 months) that is expected before the onset of stress (winter), and is a period of reduced weed competition.

Some lawns deteriorate over a period of years to the point where they cannot be nurtured back to an acceptable level of quality by using standard practices such as fertilizing, proper watering, etc. The lawn may be in poor condition because of extensive thatch accumulation, excessive disease and/or insect damage, or a heavy infestation of difficult-to-control weeds. Under circumstances such as these, renovation of the lawn may be necessary. Renovation consists of eliminating whatever factors cause poor quality, followed by reseeding without completely tilling under the lawn. The process of renovating may be as basic as simply reseeding bare spots, or as involved as killing all vegetation using a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate (Roundup) followed by reseeding the entire lawn. Complete renovations of existing turf should be carried out if a lawn is composed of at least 50% weedy and undesirable grass species.


Renovation during late summer-early fall (August 15 - October 15) generally yields the best results. Minimal weed competition as well as cooler temperatures and ample rainfall usually follow late summer renovation, thus providing a favorable environment for new seedlings. Late summer seeding must be accomplished early enough to allow the grass to become well established before the onset of cold weather in order to enhance winter survival. Renovation may be attempted during spring if absolutely necessary. During late spring, however, extensive weed competition coupled with summer drought and heat stress can reduce the probability of success.

Renovation takes time and needs your commitment

Steps for a successful Lawn Renovation:  Double aerate, top dress with 3/8" of compost, hand seed and machine overseed lawn areas in two directions. Apply organic granular fertilizer.
Irrigation must be set to run 2 - 3 times per day for 2 weeks.  If no automatic irrigation - owner must agree to provide water a minimum of 2 times per day.
Follow up: We will mow new grass after 3 weeks, add additional seed as needed and apply fertilizer. Owner will resume control of mowing. Should be done in 2 weeks.

If you think your lawn needs some extra care - contact us

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