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Lawn Sense   

RED THREAD is a fungal infection.  Red Thread is most severe in the spring, late summer and early fall, when extended periods of cool, wet, and overcast weather slow growth of the turf and favor growth of the pathogen. 

Red Thread develops in circular or irregular patches from 4 inches to 2 feet in diameter. Affected blades within these patches are tan or bleached-white in color. From a distance, the patches usually have a reddish appearance, due to the presence of thick, red strands of fungal growth emanating from the affected leaves. It is through production of these "red threads" (sclerotia) that the fungus spreads to healthy plants and survives in unfavorable conditions. Small tufts of pink, fuzzy mycelium may also be present in or around the patches when the leaves are wet or humidity is high.
Red Thread does not kill the crown of the grass.  A routine fertilization program of the turf along with favorable weather will correct the condition.
Ideally, irrigation should be scheduled between midnight and 6 AM to prevent prolonged periods of leaf wetness. Never irrigate in the late afternoon or early evening.  Prune or remove trees, shrubs, or other barriers to increase air movement and sunlight penetration. Remove clippings from affected areas when the disease is active to reduce spread of the disease.              


Our Tool Guys!
John & Bo

Our crews would not be able to do their jobs on a daily basis if it were not for our two mechanics to take care of the fleet of Hoxie vehicles and the multitude of machinery.  Full time mechanic, John Lynch and assistant Bo Larsen, maintain the 23 trucks we have on the road, 10 pieces of construction equipment (CAT, Ditch Witch, Dingo etc.), 14 lawn mowers and at least a dozen pieces of other small engine machinery.
John Lynch   - "Whitey" has been a fixture at Hoxie Landscape for 13 years.  He is amazed he is still able to work as a mechanic - 50 years after he started!  John likes the variety of engines he works with daily.  The most difficult aspect he says -is the machinery is always wet.  During the off season, John enjoys snowmobiling; his passion though - is classic cars and trucks.  On a warm summer night, you can usually find John at one of the many local car shows sitting in his 1968 Chevy truck that he built!

Ken "Bo" Larsen
- part of the crew at Hoxie for 9 years.  Bo is the man of many talents - not only is he the assistant mechanic to John, but Bo is also the right hand man to Big Kev.  Bo enjoys the versatility of the work he does for Hoxie - he enjoys fixing machines and likes helping people make their yards more beautiful.  In his off time - Bo enjoys working around his own house, playing with his dog and keeping his wife happy.  Good Man!


Plant Health Care 
by Stephen Sodekson
            Your trees and shrubs are susceptible to a wide variety of insect, disease and health issues.  Our PHC (Plant Heath Care) team of professionals can perform an assessment of your plants, make appropriate recommendations and provide treatments as needed.
            At the core of our PHC programs are a series of property inspections (monitoring) throughout the growing season.  These inspections typically lead to applications of Horticultural Oils, Insecticidal Soap and Fungicides for disease management. Monthly inspections allow problems to be detected early and treated before they become serious.                   Our Specialist will work with you to develop a solution - which could be as simple as adjusting an irrigation system; to a more detailed plan such as pruning or spot application of pesticides. 
            Our Specialist will provide you with information about your trees and shrubs to enable you to make the appropriate management decisions for your budget and landscape goals. 
            At Hoxie Landscape, we are diligent in protecting your landscape by providing appropriate, cost effective and environmentally sensitive services.  

Our PHC Services include:

*Insect & Disease Inspection      *Horticultural Oils           *Fungicides  
*Tree & Shrub Fertilization          *Insecticides                    *Tick Control
*Winter/Gypsy Moth Sprays        *Borer Control                 *Anti-desiccants
                                                       *Soil Testing & 
The Office Corner...

So that our employees may enjoy the holiday weekend with their families - Hoxie Landscape will be closed Monday, May 29th.

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