JUNE 2016
Celebrating 30 Years!

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Over the years, Hollywood has had its famous trios - the 3 Musketeers, the 3 Amigos, the Marx Brothers and the 3 Stooges, just to name a few.  At Hoxie, we have our own dynamic trio - the 3 Kevin's: Kevin Mutters, Kevin Hoppen and Kevin Hendricksen. 
Each of them, have been part of the Hoxie Landscape family for 10 years or more.  Together, they have over 50 years of combined landscaping experience. They are part of our great team, who bring their experience and expertise in caring for your property throughout out the year.

L-R: Kevin Mutters, Kevin Hoppen (above) and Kevin Hendricksen (below)
Kevin Mutters "Mutt"- is our "hardscape" guy.  Kevin moved to the Cape 10 years ago and has worked at Hoxie since he arrived.   Kevin likes the variety in landscape work, but really enjoys the creativity of hardscape (building walls, walkways etc.) and sense of accomplishment when the jobs are done.  In his spare time, he enjoys working in his own yard.  Kevin has used his work skills building his own fish pond and fire pit.  Kevin appreciates the hard work and team approach by everyone working here at Hoxie.  He is proud of the work that he has done and takes satisfaction in the good reputation that Hoxie Landscape upholds in the area.

Kevin Hoppen "Little Kev" - is also a life-long resident of Cape Cod.  He started working here in 2002, and enjoys working under the guidance of Bob and Rick.  Kevin has learned a great deal under their tutelage and likes all aspects of landscape work.  Kevin has proven to be a great student - he has graduated to being one of our crew supervisors; he is now teaching the new crew members the finer points of landscaping.  "Little Kev" likes to relax by going fishing and working around his own yard.

K evin Hendricksen, "Big Kev" is a life-long resident of Cape Cod.  Kevin has been doing landscaping since he was 14 years old. He says; "Landscaping kind of found him as a profession".  He likes being outdoors and enjoys working with the homeowners to make their property the best that it can be.  Kevin is our resident pruning guru - he has the magic touch and gifted eye to reshape tree and shrubs for optimum blooming and beauty.  When Kevin is not busy working, he likes to fish and hunt and also collects classic cars. 
The 3 - Kevin's - this is what makes Hoxie Landscape different - the people, our team and knowing -
One Company, One Call, One Choice

Benefits of Summer Pruning

Trees - Summer pruning can help to control tree growth as well as greatly reduce the need for dormant pruning to maintain a desired shape. Since dormant pruning (pruning in the winter months) seems to encourage growth, summer is a great time to start trying to tame and reshape your overgrown trees.

Water sprouts and suckers - are shoots or branches that grow vigorously straight up from the base, lower trunk, or scaffold branches of the tree. These should always be removed with hand pruners when they appear as they sap energy from the tree and also give it an unkempt appearance. 

Fruit trees - By removing excess, non-fruiting branches (i.e. thinning), more nutrients can be channeled to the ripening fruit increasing their quality. Thinning allows more light to reach the fruit which leads to improved fruit color. Thinning also increases air circulation through the trees which can help reduce certain diseases that thrive in stagnant air.

Shrubs - j ust like trees, summer pruning of shrubs can help to curb plant growth. Vigorous evergreen shrubs like yews that have outgrown their space should be cut back in the late spring or early summer.

Shrubs that flower in the first half of the year, such as rhododendron, azalea, forsythia, and lilacs should be pruned soon after they finish flowering.  These shrubs flower on "old" wood, or wood that was made in the previous season. When you prune, it encourages the development of new growth, increasing the amount of flower production for the next year. 


Mulch Madness!

Finally, summer is here!  

Enjoying long, lazy days at the beach or 18 holes on your favorite golf course, then celebrating evenings with family and friends.
You've prepared the inside the house - extra towels are ready, the fridge is stocked- but your yard is not looking as great as you know it can.
Mulch Madness is what you need!  Hoxie Landscape Services has a great new mulch blower.  It can spread mulch quickly and efficiently.  Your choice in color and best yet - we can get it done for you - NOW! 

So - spruce up your landscape with a fresh coating of mulch - it will make everything look new again! 

We can weed and edge the beds too!  Contact us today!


In honor of Independence Day   
Hoxie Landscape Services
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