JULY 2016
Celebrating 30 Years!

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Since 1986

Celebrating 30 Years!

30 years ago, in a shed behind my house - 
Hoxie Landscape Services was born. To be accurate, it was was called 
Hoxie Tree and Landscape back then. I'm still in the same house, the shed is gone, the trees are much bigger and so is the company. 


Here is my back yard today

Gypsy Moth Update: The final stage

Those annoying brown moths fluttering around you day after day are m ale gypsy moths!  In areas that saw defoliation, there are literally thousands of brown moths searching for the females, which do not fly. Female moths will be found on tree trunks, fences, houses, or where ever they pupated. Females are quite large and are white. When their egg laying begins, you will see peanut butter colored egg masses. The number of flying moths is a pretty good indication of next year's caterpillar population. So if you are seeing a lot of moths, please give us a call or send us an email to make sure you receive an estimate for the 2017 season.

Employee Spotlight

Travis Gray joined Hoxie Landscape Services in March 27, 2008 and was soon leading a mow crew. A natural leader and ready for the next challenge Travis became the supervisor for the mowing crews.
As supervisor for the mowing operations, Travis found himself routinely adjusting and replacing irrigation heads and making other minor repairs. As a result he became interested in learning more about irrigation system repair and eventually installation.
After several years of classroom and on the job training, Travis is now supervisor for our mow crews and the lead technician/installer our for irrigation division. He enjoys working outdoors and the opportunity to meet many of our customers.  He has been known to help bring in groceries when the situation presents itself!
Travis is an avid football fan.  He enjoys spending his time off with his family. 

Dollar Spot is a lawn disease that results in brown spots appearing on your lawn. These spots can vary from 1 to 6 inches in diameter and the spots can also overlap to form larger patches of diseased lawn. The fungus that causes dollar spot will change the grass blades to a tan colored spots with red / brown edges that have an hour glass shape.

Dollar spot is caused by a fungus. The growth of the fungus is caused by 1. Lack of soil moisture - will thrive in lawns which aren't watered properly. Low soil moisture will help dollar spot continue its advance.  2. Lack of available Nitrogen - a lawn that has routine fertilization will be more vigorous and resistant to disease. 3. Thick thatch level and / or compact soil will prevent water from penetrating into the soil and provide good conditions for the disease to survive over winter.
Another contributing factor to the onset of dollar spot is mowing the grass to too short a length in dry periods when there are slow rates of grass growth. The lawn is more at risk from disease and weed infestation at these times.

Watering the lawn at the correct intervals is one of the keys to preventing dollar spot as it will help the soil retain moisture. You should aim to water the lawn in the morning as the grass should be dry before nightfall so that optimum conditions for fungus growth are avoided.
Routine (annual) aeration will help water penetrate the lawn and reach the soil.

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The Office Corner...

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