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Embrace the Brown?

We all love green grass; we're conditioned to think of brown as a bad lawn color, but when grass turns brown it is telling us that the plant understands what's going on in the environment and is reacting as it should.  Many of us are facing water restrictions, and these are times when brown might be the only way to go.

It's a natural process. Grass is resilient and knows what to do. It's shutting off plant development, but the lawn is very much alive. Working with nature and allowing the grass to go brown may be the best choice in the long run. Take solace in knowing you've saved water and the lawn will bounce back and the green will be back when the time is right.
As we head into the cooler and hopefully wetter months of fall, some lawns may benefit from overseeding or it may even be the time to consider a lawn renovation, give us a call - we can help!

Meet Our Mow Crews                                                                                                                                              
L-R: Dane Robinson, Patrick Kane, Mike Doherty, Craig Norton, Brian Cosgrove and Scott Honan

Mike Doherty ('Double B arrel") has lived on Cape Cod for 25 years and is spending his 11th season with Hoxie.  Mike enjoys working outside and appreciates not having a long morning commute everyday.  In the off time Mike likes to catch up on sleep or go hiking and mountain biking.

Tom Perry is another crew member who has lived on Cape Cod for most of his life.  Tom started 9 seasons ago and found his niche on the mow crew.  During his off time he likes to play golf and basketball.  Tom agrees that it is the people at Hoxie that make it different from other companies!   

Tom Perry

Scott Honan ("Scottie")is a lifelong Cape Cod resident and this is his 6th season working at Hoxie.  He appreciates the teamwork between all our crew members and is proud of the reputation Hoxie holds within the industry.  In his spare time, Scott is a classic car enthusiast and is the proud papa of a 5 week old baby girl!

Craig Norton ("Norton") has lived on Cape Cod for 20 years.  He is spending his 5th season working for Hoxie.  Craig likes to go hiking and taking his dog for walks along the canal during his off time.  He is very glad the hazy, hot and humid weather is almost over!

Patrick Kane - is another Cape Cod native; this is his 5th year working at Hoxie. Patrick is an avid sportsman, enjoying hiking, cycling, and running in his off hours.  Patrick wishes the work day started a little bit later each day!  He enjoys staying busy and likes the good crew working here at Hoxie.
Brian Cosgrove ('Cozzy") has lived on Cape Cod most of his life, and this is his 3rd season with Hoxie.  Like his co-workers, Brian thinks the best part of being a landscaper is working outside; the worst thing about being a landscaper -  is working outside!  In his spare time, Brian likes to play golf.

Dane Robinson ("Dane-O") is a newbie to Cape Cod. He started working at Hoxie, last season.  Dane likes working outdoors and enjoys the fact that everyday brings something new.  In the off time, he likes to fish, play his guitar and video games.

Are You Prepared? 
June 1 marked the beginning of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. The months of June through November provide optimal conditions for hurricanes to form, with September seeing the highest number.
Walk around your yard and look at all your landscaping and trees:
  • On taller trees, trim any large limbs and branches that overhang your roof, and any that look dead or diseased. When the winds pick up, they'll knock against your roof, and that scraping can pull up shingles.
  • Keeping trees properly pruned will allow the wind to pass through the branches without a lot of damage. If you're not sure about the health of any of your trees, hire an arborist (Hoxie has two Mass Certified Arborists on staff) to come and inspect your trees and recommend removal of any that look diseased or dead.  
  • Also, take a look near the base of your trees.  Are roots sprawled out at one side of the tree? That could be a sign your tree will eventually fall over.
  • Secure loose rain gutters and downspouts and clear any clogged areas or debris to prevent water damage to your property.

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