MAY 2016
Celebrating 30 Years!

One Company     One Call     One Choice
Since 1986

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The statement - One Company, One Call, One Choice! - You must have noticed it before - we put it on all of our correspondence - Have you ever thought about what it means?  We, here at Hoxie Landscape Services, Inc. take great pride in our motto, and what it means for you.

As a full service landscape company we can fertilize and mow your lawn, service and monitor your irrigation system, design and install a new patio or foundation bed, remove a dangerous tree over the house, prune your ornamental trees and shrubs, treat your property for ticks, mulch your beds and we will even clean your gutters while doing a fall cleanup!
What is the benefit of having One Company? 
Our crews are at your property A LOT!  It means our mowing crews can let our irrigation team know a section of lawn is getting burnt out and a sprinkler head may need to be replaced.  It means our cleanup crews notice one of your evergreens is not doing well and it may need to be protected from infestation.  Our crews work together - to give the best overall service to our customers.
How convenient is it to only have to make One Call?
No need to try and figure out who to call if something is not right with your lawn or a prized plant is turning yellow.  You only have to make one call to our office and we will decide what to do next. You no longer have to describe the same problem to 3 different companies. This saves you time and money.
That is why we say there is only One Choice.
For 30 years Hoxie Landscape Services has shown we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with expert advice and superior service for all your landscape needs.  

Winter ~~ and ~ ~ Gypsy Moth Update
Winter Moth caterpillars hatched two to three weeks ago and have been quietly turning the young leaves of their favorite trees into Swiss cheese. The caterpillars are now getting to the size where the damage will increase very quickly.
Gypsy Moth caterpillars began hatching this past week in East Sandwich. They are still very young and now is the perfect time to control them before the damage is done.   Request a foliar spray now! 
Photo taken 5/11/16    Actual size - tan egg mass= ½ inch diameter


Irrigation Benefits- Saving Green , Conserving Blue

Many residential and commercial property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape green and fresh, wasting water and money. Here are some ways in which you can be certain that you are getting the greatest benefit from your irrigation system without spending more than you need on water. 

Irrigation System Monitoring

A properly designed and installed Automatic Irrigation System is more efficient and cost effective than ever before if managed properly. Proper management includes routine monitoring of the settings to insure that the watering schedule is seasonally appropriate and checking the performance of each zone and head to be sure the exact amount of water needed is getting to the target.
Rain Sensor

If you don't have one - you need one. A rain sensor is a relatively inexpensive device that is designed to temporarily cancel the watering cycle when a predetermined amount of rain fall occurs. The sensor will then allow the controller to resume the normal schedule when it dries out.
The Controller

Modern irrigation controllers are brilliant. Just like most every other electronic device in your life, irrigation controllers have gotten much better, easier to use and offer many more features than ever before. If the idea of changing the settings on your controller brings back memories of the first time you tried to record a movie on a VHS recorder it may be time to upgrade.
Irrigation Heads

Yup, they have changed too. Having the appropriate irrigation head in the right location to provide the exact amount of water needed is the key to great results, especially during extended dry conditions. When a system is designed and installed, the decision of what type heads to use and where is critical to long term success. However, landscapes change over time and this effects performance. It is often necessary to move and / or replace heads that are no longer doing the job as intended. As an example, this can be caused by plants that have grown large and are now blocking the water steam.
A well designed and maintained irrigation system is the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs without over-watering. If you aren't sure your irrigation system is performing efficiently or if components are outdated give us a call to schedule a free evaluation

Update - Winter Hydrangea Injuries
This past winter, the Cape experienced two mornings where the low temperature was in the minus 8 to minus 10 ranges.  Those temperatures caused many of the upper buds on hydrangeas to die off.  This has resulted in Hydrangeas putting up growth from their base and limited growth on their canes.  Expect your Hydrangeas to take longer to grow enough to allow blooms.  The overall number of flowers may be compromised as well. 

In honor of Memorial Day - Hoxie Landscape Services will be closed Monday, May 30th

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