Changing Landscapes

Landscapes are dynamic creations that are always changing.  

Plants grow larger. Plants die. Trees may be lost in storms. New plants are added along the way. Over the years, a landscape can change radically from its original look.

How your family uses the landscape also changes over time. Kids grow up so you no longer a need a play area. As gardeners grow older, they often have to change a landscape to make it less labor-intensive.

Moving into a new house precipitates changes to an existing landscape. What worked for the previous owners, may not work well at all for your family.

Late Summer/Fall is a great time to study your landscape and develop plans for needed changes.  

*  Determine whether you need to screen unsightly views or create       privacy.
*  Renovate or remove overgrown trees shrubs. 
*  Provide an area for children to play or convert an old play area into usable space for your current lifestyle.
*  Change or enlarge the outdoor living area.  A new patio maybe?
*  Tired of dragging around hoses in an effort to keep your grass somewhat green?  Consider an irrigation system for your lawn and flower beds.
*  Thinking of selling?  Consider the curb appeal of your landscape.  A new design will give your home a more attractive appearance.

If you need help developing changes for your yard, we are here to offer professional advice!   Even is your budget is limited, we can help set priorities and schedule your plan in phases.  

Indulge Yourself!

Have you ever felt that you're simply indulging yourself when you purchase trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants for your landscape?  Well, here's some information that will make you feel good.   A well-landscaped home generally sells more quickly and at a higher price than a comparable home lacking a nice landscape.  Trees and shrubs add value to a home, unlike many purchases, over the years they appreciate in value as they grow larger and more beautiful.

Trees can also add economic value to homes by helping reduce heating and cooling costs. Trees work as nature's air conditioner and heat pump, providing shade in summer and sheltering your home from cold winds in winter.

Landscaping also benefits the environment. A mature tree removes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year and releases approximately 13 pounds of oxygen. Trees, shrubs and flowers in the landscape also provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.

It's nice to add to the value of your property and help the environment, but the most important benefit of landscaping is the personal enjoyment it brings to outdoor living. So go ahead and indulge your love of gardening. It will pay off in many ways in the years to come.

Lawn Sense:  Aerate or Renovate?

Aerating your lawn every fall is one of the the best ways to keep it healthy and looking great.  We recommend aeration be done annually and preferably be done in the fall.

Lawn Renovation is performed when turf is in poor condition and the quality of the soil is not good.  A typical renovation project includes the following:

1.  Mow the existing turf very short.
2.  Double aerate.
3.  Spread 3/8 to 1/2 inch of compost.
4.  Over-seed with a power lawn renovator.
5.  Hand rake and clean up.
Routine watering (twice per day) is required for the first 2-3 weeks.



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